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An ad in my local paper:

Will you look at this. This type of stuff is what we have to deal with here in Central FL every day. This clown won't get any of my customers cause they know better. But what it does do is make people believe that we work for next to nothing. Anyone who puts an ad in the newspaper like this deserves to have all of his lawns sprinkled with roofing nails. I'd never do anything like that but I wish someone would. Of course he'll probably be out of business by the springtime so I shouldn't worry.


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You should learn how to post photos like this:

<img src="">

You need to cut and paste the url of the photo not the whole page.

PS maybe his mama will whip up a real good dinner for 2???


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is this guy out of his mind ?
for 10 bucks a shot, i would sub all your work to him, then take him up on his free dinner for 2. you should be able to get a free dinner for each contract you sub to him.
you could eat out for a while like that.
wheres this guys free dinner at ?? mcdonalds ?


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it says dinners are limited...first come first serve. He may have NO dinners to give out. Do ya'll cut every week there year round? It says he gets $10 a week for a year that's $520..How many times does he actually cut?

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The devil is frequerntly in the details. He may be offering a $10.00 per week 50 week per year contract or...who knows.

The lack of profits will get him/her in the end.



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The "dad gum" ad has a typo. What in God's creation is a "manicured law" I'm sure that the service this person offers is as cheesy as this ad. Stone, it COULD be jock itch, or just plain laziness. If they can't proofread before putting it in print they are some sorry suckas!!!!!!!



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