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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ChadsLawn, Aug 4, 2006.

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    Today I went to start my Shin stick edger( dont remember the model maybe a e230?)Anyways it always started even without using the choke or priming it. Well it wouldnt do anything today.SoI took the air cleaner off and gas just poured out. I was like WTF!!!!!! So it has the cyliner type barb the goes up and down. I would hit the gas and you can see gas just flow. hmmmmmmm..There was alittle brass screw under the idle set screw. So I screwed it 1 turn from tight. Clean the plug and vaaarrrooooooommmmmm.. But it idled real high and if i WOT it would just bogg down. Well I got one home done. Went to the next homes and again gas everywhere. So I said F it took it home thought about it on the way home.. Some how the tank is building pressure and forcing fuel into the carb. You know the little breather thing they have stuck up about the tank (mine is like behind the carb). I took it off took the cap offf and speayed it with carb cleaner...dunno, but it worked. Its back to starting with 1 pull.

    Alittle long, but someting I thought may help someone some day.
    Now to make a thread about my Trimmer
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    Breather allows air into the tank so that gas can be pulled into the chamber. However the pressure build up is another matter and that is probably due to high temperatures. There isn't any way I am aware to prevent the build up except to loosen the cap. These 2 gallon plastic gas cans with yellow caps are almost exploding this year due to the heat. Better get a new breather cleaning isn't good long term.
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    All it is, is a peice of plastic with some kind of rubber vent type thing in it. there was really nothing to clean...

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