This Really Pi**es me off , how do you fix it?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CMLLawnServices, Nov 19, 2002.

  1. This Spring I got the contract for two of my municipalitie`s Ball diamonds, and i soon found that people like to let their dogs Sh!t on our nicely manicured grounds, :mad:so when the grass grows just so u cant see it when u are mowing you run over it with your mower then you get the stuff all over your tires , then on your trailer then you step on it and u get it in the truck then in ur house! I have residental client who dont like to pick it up after their dogs, and u dont have much time left before it gets dark so u cant get home to the preassure washer or to the car wash and you have to track it all over your othre lawns . I just had to vent gettin a little tired of it. The hard thing is with the ball diamonds only the most brave people will let their dog do it when you are there, but as soon as you are gone they have a feild day. Our municipalitie has a "stoop and scoop" law but there is no one to enforce it :( The ones I catch i give then hell but it doesn`t even stun them. Should i Make Signs or just find out where they live and take a S@!t on their front step? :confused:
    I`d like to here what all of you have to say.
  2. LakeSide Lawn and Landscape

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    Ihate it also i have one customer who keeps dogs in the back yard and there is always sh#t everywhere:mad: I dont know what to do either,although i do like your idea of sh*ting on there door step:D
  3. MacLawnCo

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    take your pants and boots off in the garage.
  4. Got Grass?

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    It ya see it happen: scoop it up put it in a baggie & leave it on their hood or front steps with a note: "I noticed you dropped something, being the nice guy that I am I just wanted to return it to the proper owners"...
  5. TLS

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    It's just part of our job really!

    I'd rather mow over it then play baseball and dive for a fly ball to right field and slide FACE FIRST into it!

    Its usually worn off before I even load the trailer. I have it on one of my gated properties, and it kinda sucks cause I use the WB there, but even then its off my boots by the time I'm back on the trailer.

    Just think, up there in Canada, that c r a p will be FROZEN soon!
  6. LOL, it s all ready frozen

    it sucks Im done for the year
  7. thfireman

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    I saw a lady let her dog dump on my front lawn last summer. I watched to see if she would pick it up....H*ll No!

    I put it in a clear zip-loc bag and went to her house. I rang the door bell and her husband came to the door. I asked for her but he didnt want to give her up so I told him that his wife left this in my yard while walking their dog. I handed it to him and he took it. I told him that there was a law against it but nextime I would bring it back to them and empty it on their door mat and rub it in.

    No More Stops In My Lawn. She stays on the other side of the street now.
  8. jason r.

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    I love my dogs but I hate customers'dogs. I actually have 2 customers that do their own back yards and pay me to do the front and side yards. When I give estimates that is one thing I always look for. The price goes up if they have dogs. They have to pay for me to put up with their crap:p
  9. lee b

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    Having lived on a farm my entire life and slopped through hog, cow, and goat crap all the time, I just don't see why anybody would complain about the occasional dog turd {sheltered life, I suppose} . Heck sometimes I've been knee-deep in crap, literally. You know what they say, "S#!t Happens". :D :D :D
  10. nlminc

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    thfireman, Some nice southern hospitality in the neighborhood! lol I got a kick out of that story. You did the right thing,

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