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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bull, Jun 7, 2004.

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    Sometime ago I delivered a load of mulch to a residence in a golf resort. At the time it was the only house down this street and the owners only went up on the weekends. He had placed a marker where he wanted the mulch dumped. I knew it looked tricky but I went ahead and backed the F-450 down the slope and dumped the load. Well I started back out and it broke traction and there I set. I walked over to the club house and asked to borrow a tractor. This preppy fella with his Izod on said hey I have a new SUV and I would like to try it out. So I said well thats your call. We went over and he pulled up next to where the pavement ends. I hook the chain to my truck and he hooks the other end to his SUV. He commences to pulling backwards and he did get me unstuck. However right where he stopped his SUV to unhook the chain was a very large wet spot on the pavement right where the radiator is. He begins to freak out thinking he has tore up a $30K vehicle. After he fails to visually identify the liquid he runs his finger through it and lifts it up to his nose to take a whiff. I told him I thought it was there prior to him driving over. I didn't have the nerve to tell him I had drunk a Mountain Dew coming up the mountain and he had just ran his finger through and took a big whiff of recycled Mt. Dew. He just happened to stop right over the spot.
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    I like that! Kinda better off not sayin nothin :rolleyes:
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    That sounds like something I would of done!! Matt

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