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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DixieFerris, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. DixieFerris

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    As I have stated in the past, I have had a great amount of success with flyers/info sheets, but not be leaving them in conventional methods. Rather, we try to hand them to people and get that small amount of face time while asking them if they would like an estimate for anyting on our flyer on the spot. More times than not, people say 'sure, go ahead' giving us more time to talk to them after we take a trip around the house. Once they see they are dealing with college educated, well spoken business people, we have a very strong closing ratio. A competitor of mine distributed 2,000 flyers last year and received 27 jobs, a horrible 1.35% success rate (he likes to brag at Lesco in front of everyone). Meanwhile, I kept my mouth shut while laughing to myself, because I handed out only 500 flyers last year and added on 70 or so jobs (50 lawns, 20 mulch, landscape etc), a 14% closing ratio. But as the year went on, I kept seeing flyers with all the same info on them just like on here (we mow, mulch, cleanups, etc) and I decided once again to be different, and not get lumped in with that crowd. This year our flyer will have all of our services, but more importantly, a 1 page pullout sheet that gives the customers a Q & A of what to ask when interviewing and choosing a lawn and landscape contractor. How do other companies dress, what are the business and educational backgrounds, what kinds of equipment do they wear, what training programs do employees receive prior to starting to work, insurance, etc. If you are thinking "man, if a customer calls me with those kinds of questions, I would avoid them" well then my plan is working. I want to put the competition on the spot, because one hiccup, and they are mine. Has anyone tried this type of marketing and with what ROI?
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    I like that idea alot. While it is nice to have a customer sign on without "shopping around", many do. Not all are looking for best price. As long as you are in the same ball park, there are alot of jobs to be had if you can sell your company. Face time is great, but not everyone likes someone knocking on their door. Can't stress the sales aspect of this job enough. (I HATE sales!) Give them a reason to go with a professional.
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    Where you at in Upstate? I'm already scared. LOL.
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    I like the idea with the line of questioning for the customers, it is hard to compete with unprofessional people with no insurance, when all the customer asks about is price...

    I think your approach is a good one, and it is obvoiusly working well.

    Our USP is that we are residential specialists, with proper residential sized equipment, we use no large/heavy mowers. We dont even do anything over 3/4 acre residential and no commercial/condo work.

    Some people could care less, others that want a nice cut use us for that reason alone, along with the fact we are licensed insured dress professionally etc.

    They are tired of companies using a 60" Z mower on their 1/5 acre lot just to get done quickly.

    A 14% closing rate based on that number of flyers may indicate that your prices are too low though, only you can determine that.

    We typically close around 2%. Of the total flyers 4000 last year got us around 80 well priced yearly mowing contracts. Around 70-75% of the people who call us for an estimate use us and we lose less than 10% every year, most to moves.

    This year we are doing another 4-5000 flyers, hope to pick up another 80 or so accounts. We also raised our price minimum.

    Good luck!
  5. Yard Cowboy

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    Not sure what your ROI will be on this, but I would think MUCH better than just dropping it off, especially if you are everything you say you are; professional, clean cut, highly educated, etc. I have had a lot of people in my area complain about their service because the people doing the work lack a lot of the above. Reliabilty and trustworthy has been another complaint I hear about other companies. There is a lot of competition out there, but also a lot of shi**y competition.. Getting facetime will help tremendously.
  6. RD592

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    Getting face time is probably your success of your marketing plan.
    With your educated talks with clients and your 1 page Q and A form may be driving clients away. If someone comes to my house trying to sell a service, the less they speak, the more I trust them. People may think that you are BSing them with all the talk and by trying to be too professional with the Q and A form that glamories you company.

    I try to get face time with my clients, I just be myself and I give them a card not a flyer.

    I am a part time solo guy so I could only speak for myself, but I never had to put out flyers one time, word of mouth gets me all of my work.
  7. J&R Landscaping

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    Sounds like you have a great method for standing out from the crowd!! Very nice!
  8. mattfromNY

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    When you get done with that client, you can answer my question... I'll wait.... 'cause I know you'll give me the same attention you gave them....
    Just bustin on ya.
    But I would like to know where in NY you are.
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    this is my first year doing flyers.. i realize you guys live in different climates... but im trying to decide when i should start passing mine out.

    there is snow on the ground here still, but its starting to melt.. i definetily do not want to miss the sweet spot in the spring, but i dont want to start way to early either.. when would you guys wait till? we prolly have about a month until the grass starts growing at all ... few weeks and the snow will be gone and temps will be 45-50 ...

    when do people start thinking about lawncare? im thinking to start the first week it is 45-50 outside... do most people think about what they are going to be doing for lawn care before then?

    thanks alot.. this will be a great help if i can get some general ideas of how far before the lawns start growing i should start passing them out.
  10. jcantrell

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    I think dixieferris is in the saratoga springs/albany area. Don't be scared - competition is what makes the world go round. Be happy he is sharing his knowledge and what makes him successful.

    It really isn't that hard for any "pro" to seperate himself from the lawnboy.

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