This years toro Z master with a helpfull tool

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BUSHMASTER, Dec 13, 2000.


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    While in a local dealer today i saw a 62" Z Master and on the front between the caster bars their sat a jack mounted and ready to lift the front on the idea..i guess someone had to do it......
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    that option was first brought to the market by Hustler.
    I believe it was 1994 or 1995.
    the Hustler model 2500 had a optional hydraulic tool bar, to attach 3 point hitch attachments, edgers, aerators, etc.
    and with the tool bar came a jack.
    this was a very nice option to have, it made changing blades and tires a breeze, not to mention the ease of scraping your deck daily.
    so Toro was not the first with this option.
    a good option it is.
  3. bdemir

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    How long i have wished for a fold up deck for changing the blades.
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    I've been holding off on the purchase of either the Exmark or Toro until I could see the Toro with the deck lift. The dealer told me about this a couple of months ago but I haven't seen one yet.

    Steve it's NOT a jungle jack, it's built into the machine. Apparently you lower it down and drive the machine forward, right up onto the jack.

    Bushmaster, does it look like it would be easy to build one yourself and add it to a machine or is it complicated? I need to have easy access to the underside of the deck due to much wet mowing, in case I need to scrape. Will
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    Can ya check the oil and wash the windshield too;)

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    i'll see if i can get a photo of it, not hard to build fromthe looks of it.....and ys it detaches from the mount and is a free standind unit but looks a lot smaller than the "jungle jack"

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