thorough weed control -- edges too?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Jul 29, 2007.

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    We find it relatively easy to keep weeds out of "the main lawn", but the "edges of the lawns" are where most weeds appear now. Anybody get spray on curbs, sidewalk edges, foundations of house or garage, etc? If you don't, I want to know how you do it. rscvp :confused:
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    Pasture Grass

    First I must assume you are mixing in a Staining Product with your Herbicide weed control. As long as you keep using a Green Gun you will never be able to cut in long Cement or other Edges where you don't want over spray. A Lawn Wand with a Flat TeeJee tip can spray a straight line without over spray at the correct pressure. A 42" wand also can cover more area at a slower walk than a Green Gun by simply swinging it back and forth. Keeping That wand lower to the ground than a Green Gun also penetrates the turf better.

    Understanding the reasons for Weed growth along edges is important also. Most Idiot yard boy have no idea of how to weed eat. They scalp those areas and leave Niches or Weak turf for weeds to emerge. Tell your customer to counsel his Yard Boy or get an other if they don't like weeds.

    Weed Control and Weed Free are two different Terms. Any Jerk can offer weed control. But it takes a real professional who understands both Cultural and chemical Practices, To do Weed Free Turf.
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    Thin grass, and high soil temperatures along side the cement stimulate purslane and spurge along edges. Ryegrass is worse because it does not knit together well.
  4. americanlawn

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    Thanks Ric. We are still on our summer lawn app (granular fert + spot spot spray whenever possible). I too know how people scalp the edges with mowers & weedeaters. So how 'bout Round 4? This is typically our "weed & feed liquid" application (our only liquid app of the year). The fert we use is non-staining, plus we use Mecamine-D. I want to know what technique other lawn care companies use to avoid keeping liquids off all hard surfaces.
  5. heritage

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    Here in Jersey, Crab breakthrough (june/early july) where yard boy has scalped, as well as just more "hot spot" herbicide breakdown. I spot treat these areas with post crab killer mixed with Pre-M 3.3 EC when I make app. #3 in June/early July. Takes care of that!

    Thinking about single 8' pass of Barricade @ high rate with app #2 (May) along hot spots only in 08'.

    Using Barricade in first app. entire lawn. Even this great product shows some microbial breakdown along the edges.

    Pete D.
  6. tremor

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    The mistake I see the locals making is trying to keep everything off the non-turf areas. Hence the turf is always thin & weedy (stupid Permagreens make it worse) in the corners & edges.

    In another recent thread we all agreed that pesticides don't belong on walks so we have a dilemma of sorts.

    Folks should treat right to the edges even if they go over. Then clean up.
  7. rcreech

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    I use a my PG on every lawn...and right after I load up and strap down I put on my backpack sprayer.

    I backpack around the house, sidewalks, driveway, flowerbeds and anything else I feel may need "touched up" that I couldn't get close to.

    Then after I am done with my backpack I then put on my BACKPACK BLOWER and CLEAN UP AFTER MYSELF!

    Takes a little extra time, but seems to work for me.
  8. lawncuttinfoo

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    I'm confused, what does a blower do to liquid spray?

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    treating edges in lawn care is like wiping your butt some do it better than others!!!!!!!
  10. rcreech

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    I put on liquid and dry both at the same time with my PG Mag....and I use the back pack blower to remove any granules from drivesays, sidewalks or any other areas where fert shouldn't be.

    Sorry for the confusion...I was just going through my routine each time I stop, but didn't make myself clear.

    I think that spraying around all the perimeters is very important as they are usually the higher risk area for weed growth...then it is just as important to blow all grans off the surface.

    Just my take!

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