those dang dandelions!!!!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Greengo, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Greengo

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    folks, i'm new to the big expensive equipment thing. i bought a new zero turn toro this year(piece of crap). one of the yards i'm cutting with it has alot of dandelions in the yard and that dang toro will cut the grass, but leave the dandelions standing up. i'm much better off cutting this yard on my old cheap murray cause it'll cut those dang weeds better. why is this? why does that cheap murray cut a yard full of weeds better than that more expensive toro. i've talked to other guys and i'm not alone. i'm hearing that the x-marks and deeres are leaving those dandelions too.
  2. topsites

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    More than one reason, not the least of it are blade type and sharpness, and of course, specific adjustments unique to the characteristics of each machine. You might try a few different settings but before you change one, always remember the previous setting so in case it makes things worse, you can change it back.
  3. Greengo

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    i'm new, what type of settings are you talking about? i've checked the blades and they are plenty sharp. are you talking about blade height.
  4. Runner

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    That's the beauty of the professional machines. They cut grass beautifully, but they don't do so well on weeds. Plantain is usually a hard to get one, also. You may want to try slowing your rpm's down just a bit. Sometimes that helps.

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    Also try slowing down your travel speed.
    The question is --- when did you last sharpen your blades.
    My guess is that it has been a long time. Try sharpening them every day-- buy 5 sets and do it once a week. Do you have a mulch kit on??

    Who is doing lawn care and why are there weeds???
  6. lawnmaniac883

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    The problem is not with dull blades, the problem is air flow and suction. What happens is the tires press down the dandelions and the deck is not able to get any suction on those thin stems. Just double cut and you should be ok. When double cutting, go against the grass. I.E. if you go right to left on one pass, go back over the same pass left to right.

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    That was my reason for asking about the mulch kit-- Less suction with that on
  8. Brendan Smith

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    do you have a pest. license? if not, find a company who you trust not to take the lawn from you and upsell the service to the customer. add $20.00 or whatever you think you can for your trouble. win-win for both of you.
  9. All_Clear

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    Man just hire a fert guy to do the lawn, pay him his fee and charge the customer... simple enough.
    I don't fert but i have networked with a few guys that do... All i have to do is call.

    Then you can cut grass Not weeds.

    All Clear
  10. All_Clear

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    oops sorry hadnt scrolled down all the way... but yeah what he said!

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