those fliers sure work

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnboy82, Apr 9, 2001.

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    hey all. i had gone and passed out fliers maybe 2 months ago. or a month and a half ago. i was a scrub and put the fliers in the mail boxes because most of these areas i went to are really upscale and dont want people walking up the driveway and what not. so far i have gotten calls back from 10 of them? and i only put out maybe 6 - 7 hundred. i think the lowest price i had quoted for the lawns was 50 dollars? per cut every week. however the one i looked at today made it all worth it. 3 homes 2 locations each round is 500 dollars. and they are gonna give me a shot. one place is 6 acres in all but there are fields there and what not. the other place is like another 10 but only maybe 2 need to be cut. beautiful place. every week cut the grass. cleanup for the spring should be a 3 day job 2 guys. minimum. and the fall cleanup i dont even wanna think about. between the 3 homes they are worth i would say about 10 - 15 million. not too shabby for an 18 year old college student right? however i think my best one was last year at the one place that went for 20 million and i was a senior in high school. i gotta post a picture of that one day. but anyways. thanx for the idea for the fliers. it really paid off.
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    how do i post pictures anyways? thanx again
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    guess i wont be postin pics for a while then. if it requires a web site which i dont have right now.
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    Email it to me and I'll post it for you. I got to see this place. :)
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    Well if that house goes for 20 million!!! I am Moving my house there and selling it for 50 million!!!!!
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    ALLSEASONS...that's just the guard shack at the entrance to the property!
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    20 mil ????....
    and who the heck is matt ?
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    Good for you. I put out about 100 flyers a year ago, spring. While I only received one account last year from my flyers, I have received five accounts since March 2001. I was amazed that people kept the flyers.

    When we designed our flyers, we wanted people to keep the flyer on-hand and not discard it. With that in mind, we placed each flyer in a document protector, ($8.00 for 500 at Sam's.)

    The people that have called had placed the flyer in a three ring telephone type binder, or kept it file in the yellow page book.

    So, IHMO, flyers do work.

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