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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 65hoss, Oct 22, 2000.

  1. HOMER

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    I have skipped mowing a customer of mine that is right beside another for the last 2 weeks. Reason is when we first started a few months ago we agreed on mowing weekly until Oct. Everything was fine, I never missed a cut. A few weeks back she left a message on my machine stateing that I should feel free to start bagging her yard everytime as her precious child had drug in grass clippings from the yard. We did start bagging about every other time, even though this was not discussed in the beginning. My wife got a call the other day from this customer, she told her to "Tell your spouse that that thing he's using to bag the grass with makes a mess, I have grass all over my windowsills. She went on to say that she thought I ran over her yard with the bagger full and it was spraying all the grass out of the vent. I use a Trac-Vac and if anybody has one you know how it vents out the top and a lot of dust comes out. She finally said she was a very unhappy customer!

    Frankly I don't need or want any unhappy customers so I am going to give her the opportunity to find someone else with better equiupment that doesn't leave grass clippings on the ground, doesn't blow dust anywhere, and maybe, just maybe, they will satisfy this person. I should write a letter, maybe I week.

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    One little old lady of mine drive me up a wall. Every time I am about 1/2 way thru the cut she appears and talks to me about everything in her life. She comes out her back door and starts talking. Keep in mind I have my mower screaming, headphones on and about 150' away and shes having a convo w/ me. So I have to stop go over to her and she what she wants. "Do My gutters look level", "look what the squirrels are doing to my beds", and my favorite "edge the driveway again so that the water from the downspouts goes to the street" even though the cement is cracked and has a pitch towards the house anyway. AARRRGGGGHHH!!!
  3. chrisbolte

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    I have a customer who calls me about every other day to ask about the weather for the week. Thank gosh we have technology such as caller id!
  4. Charles

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    The elderly have nothing better to do than sit around and think of ways to drive us crazy. On the good side they forget most of it lol. I get alot of the above replys. The calls every week, the walking out and interrupting at the worse times just to talk or tell me the obvious. Or tell me something that I have done for a zillion times before. To ask for my advise. Then in the next breath tell me that someone else new better what they should do. Why ask for my advise, if you are going to ignore it? And on and on. Or to blame me for the sun not coming up.......
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    I had one wheelchair-bound elderly cust who drove me nuts til I realized that, as long as her field of view from the backdoor looked good anything goes.

    Went to probate court on Oct 5th, Im expecting a $13,000+ check from her estate any day. Seems she had no family, left her estate to the lawn guy, mailman, housekeeper, etc. Sometimes putting up with a little quirkiness pays off.
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    If you have "interesting" customers you just have to give them something to do. Some company in the States programmed their answering machine with many, many options to keep customers busy. Pressing #7 let you hear a duck quack.
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    One of my commercial accounts decided to install low voltage lights down both sides of their sidewalk. The only problem is the power wire is laying loosely on top of the grass. I didn't even trim around this for fear of damaging the wire or the lights.
  8. Twotoros

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    Well I might as well add one . I had a lady that was off the beaten track leave a nice sign ( must have took 20 min. to make) in her lawn instucting me to not mow that week. The lawn needed it and I didn't need to drive 15 minutes out of my way. Why she couldn't have called the night before or that morn I'll never know. This is such a picky customer that she may have 'yard signed ' herself off my list next year. I was p'd off for hours.
  9. 65hoss

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    Do any of you have any trouble collecting your money at the end of the year? I have several that have been faithful all year until now. What gives?
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    twotoros, that reminds me. About 2 months ago a house next door to one of my lawns did something similar (lol). I saw a big sheet on the lawns with bricks on each corner holding it down. I walked over and saw they had used a queen size sheet and wrote "do not mow the lawn this week". I got a good laugh out of that one! Im just glad it wasnt a customer of mine. For the all the time she wasted making the sign and i the landscaper wasted driving over... why not just leave a message?

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