Those who Fert?

John Deere

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Question, those who offer a fertilizer program, please tell me your program (how many steps and what you apply per step) and the brand of fert. that you use. Example of what I'm looking for, I apply 2 pre-emergents in the spring and spray for weeds at the time of the second pre-emergent application. I then apply insect control and then a fall fertilizer. So in essence I provide a 5 step program and I use Lesco. I want to know if I am doing that correctly and wonder also why Lesco has not recommended to me that I do weed control in the fall. How important is it to do a weed control in the fall? Thanks!


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Fall weed control is the most useful part of postemergent controls. For example, dandelion and chickweed are two common weeds here that germinate in late summer - early fall. By hitting these with an ester based product in mid-Oct to mid-Nov, we can start off next spring with relatively weed free lawns.


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Worst case scenario- 2 pre aps, 2 post aps, insect, fungicide, fall fert, lime. Most I have dont need insect and fungicide. I use lesco.