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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by grassrootsinab, Nov 5, 2003.

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    Here's my story,

    During university I worked for a small company (two 1-man crews) with my cousin. We serviced about 100 yards in a small city. My cousin and I made the same amount as the owner, only he didn't do any of the work (the light came on at this point). Sure he had to provide the equipment and the accounts, but we provided the muscle. I really enjoyed the work and had never really thought that one could make a living cutting grass. I finished my science and education degrees and started teaching middle school full time. After my first year of teaching (taking home only about $200 more per month than I did cutting grass) I took the summer off. I really did get bored and started thinking that I should start my own company in my small town.

    The next spring I bought a used Toro Super recycler, a new Homelite trimmer and my dad and I fixed up an old snowmobile trailer. I pulled it with my '85 Dodge Diplomat. I got about 8 clients that first year and it provided me with a little mad money for golf and vacations. The second year the other fella in town who cut grass moved and called me to see if I wanted to buy his business. I already had enough equipment so I took a chance and passed. I thought I would end up with his customers anyway; which is exactly what happened. I grew to 15 accounts and needed some help. Teaching at the school allowed me to know which kids I could trust and hire. I bought a Scott's 21" (Deere JS 63 only orange in colour...and $100 that green paint is expensive). The 3rd year I got a couple of commercial accounts. I bought a Deer JS 63 (wanted the green paint this time) and this past summer bought a Deere 38" WB. I've grown to 25 accounts and have secured a car dealership for next year.

    I'm cutting about 10 hours per week and taking home just about what I would in teaching. I like teaching because it gives me a chance to challenge myself and for the benefits and retirement plan. I LOVE the cutting 'cause I like owning my business and playing with all the new toys. Like has been said many times here...this is a GREAT site. I've learned alot and hope to keep learning. Thanks for listening and for all the advice you full-time guys give out so's much appreciated.

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    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for sharing your story and Welcome :)

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