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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by meets1, Mar 23, 2008.

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    I have been talking to a few truckers / heavy pickup hauler guys. They say there starting to add fuel additives to increase milage. Can this be done with my our smaller diesel equipment? I may stop down at the auto parts store tomorrow and ask but I thought I would be the experts opinion on this first.
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    I have been adding cetane boost for over a yr now! The fuel we are getting my diesel will not run on it without the boost!
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    Do not use any of the Power Service products, not a fuel lubricant just paint thinner, acetone & xylene. Howe's, Lucas gas & diesel fuel additives is another good product.

    I use AMSOIL diesel fuel concentrate, it's a total system cleaner & lubricity improver for all types of diesel engines. I purchase it in 5 gallon pails, for my equipment. I also use AMSOIL fully synthetic HP injector 2-stroke TC-W3 lubricant, 10oz per 35gals of diesel, as "extra insurance in my Cummins ISB VP-44 pump, you need to know what type of Fuel injector pump is in your trucks & equipment some are totally fuel lubricated like the 02 Cummins ISB Bosh VP-44 injector pump. While other are not: the Bosch CP3 fuel injector pump does not require fuel lubrication.

    Here the MSDS on Power Service nothing but paint thinner
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    I run Howe's or Lucas in my truck. I don't have any diesel mowers or anything. I think the stuff is overall good for the fuel system, especially with the crap low sulfur diesel you buy at the pumps. As far as mileage increases, I see about 1-2 better with additive. It's just about enough to pay for the stuff, but like I said, I think in the long run it's better for your fuel system.

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