Those with Gopher please HELP I lost it all.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by wakesetter2001, Dec 25, 2007.

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    I have Gopher and have had no problems with it. Only ever operator error. Yesterday I had a major error. I lost my entire year, all bills, invoices, payments, expenses, new costumers, everything. Yes it was my fault. I had accidentally pushed the wrong button and deleted part of a job cluster. So instead of recreating it I thought I would to a database restore from under the file tab in gopher. I checked the files properties and it said that the file was changed on 12/24/07 at 1053 which was only 3 minutes prior so I figured that would be perfect. When I did the restore it went back to January 7, 2007. I lost everything, 60 new costumers, $100,000.00 + in work, $5000.00 + of snow plowing that has not been billed and I now don't have any info on, and I have know idea what to do for my taxes now, I have no way of figuring out all the work I have done for the year. Does anyone have any ideas? Gopher is trying to help me. I was just wondering if anyone has had any experiences like this. What did you do? If you could not get your info recovered what can be done?:cry::hammerhead::cry::hammerhead:
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    well I am sorry to say this to you in a too late type of situation, but you need to modify a few systems to make sure this never happens again.

    All your transactions (sales, purchases, employee checks, etc) need to be recorded on paper then transferred to the computer. Then back up your computer file to a location other than on your computer. For example a CD, thumb drive, or better yet an online data storage.

    When you enter the paper records into the computer write the date of recording on the paper and back up the file after recording. Name the backup file with the date (i.e. 12.25.07.qbb) (QBB = QuickBooks Backup.)

    This way if you ever have a problem with the file you can restore to a certain dated file and then enter all the newer transactions. In your case you would know what was and was not recorded as of 01/07/07 by simply looking at the top of all the paper versions of your records.

    This double or triple recording also helps you if you ever make an error in recording, by allowing you to have multiple copies of the same data to look back on and possibly find your error.

    When recording payments i look at the checks and record them on paper, then set the paper aside and look at the checks and enter them into the computer. If there is ever an error (and there has been) I can compare the paper to the computer and usually easily find me error.

    Always double check yourself and double record everything.

    Best of luck in finding your solution.
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    ever get anything back from your gopher files?
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    sorry - edited post. too tired to read properly!
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    I did that once before and lost everything theres nothing you can do. You need to back up I back mine up on an sd drive card. Everytime I enter e transaction. Actually I lost my data twice but the second time I retrieved it through my sd card plus I have the data on my laptop also.
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    did you check the gopher gdb file

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