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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Nov 10, 2005.

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    i have an elderly client in town, we thatched + seeded her lawn a few days ago. 3 heaping barrels of thatch + leaves. i didn't want to take it away, and pickup was the next day, so i left it by her curb. the bill for the job we did was $257. anyhow, she called this morning, telling me i should come get my barrels cus it's windy and they are now empty and blowing around the street. ok, so i go over there, and i'm gettin the cans, and she says hey, i need to pay u for the lawn work. as i walk up the front steps, i noticed there was no glass in her front door. i asked why. she said she took the screen out, but couldn't get the glass in, it was too heavy and she'd have to wait till the weekend 4 her son to do it 4 her. i said no way, you'll freeze to death. let me have a look. it was one of those pieces, that you just slide in, and turn the lockups by hand to hold it in. i said i'll get it for you. less than 60 seconds later, it was in, and all secured. she says, "thank you so much bob, what do i owe you for the lawnwork?" i quickly thought of nosmo.........and said, ...." $260, mrs smith...."
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    that is mean bobby :)
  3. Nosmo

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    Better get out your calculator Bobby. Sixty Seconds work for $3.00 more dollars. Wow that's $180.00 an hour.

    Well I guess that's OK -- installing glass is semi-skilled labor.

    Was thinking of you too. Got back over to Mrs. Smith's and somebody stole the hose and turned the water on full blast. Where were you at 1:30 PM central time ?



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    what a prince
  5. rodfather

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    BG forgot to mention too that he also got a cookie and a warm glass of milk to dunk it in:D
  6. brucec32

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    You mean she didn't try to sleep with you?

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    she was hot

    TURF DOCTOR LawnSite Silver Member
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    So we are going broke in lawncare mabye home repair is here the moneys is at.
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    Well we finally got a break in the windy weather today. The temps are down about 15 degrees from the last couple of days which set record highs. It was 85 or 86 yesterday just depending whose report you choose to believe.

    Went over to Mom's this evening and picked up a few more leaves and had a piece of cobbler (peach) with a cold glass of milk.

    Mom asked about Mr. Gedd again I reminded her he lives in New Jersey. She said to invite him over for pie when he comes to this side of town. -- moms -- they are so forgetful.

    Mom said did you hear what happened to Ellen (Mrs. Smith). What happened Mom ? Somebody stole her water hose and turned on the water. I replied yes it seems I did hear something about that.

    Mom -- Mr. Gedd has a customer named Mrs. Smith too.
    He helped her put in a glass for her storm door today. Oh do you think he could replace the screen in my front storm door too ? It wouldn't take but about 20 minutes.

    Gee Mom the one he did today only took about one minute.
    If he comes to town I'll have him come by.

  10. ECS

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    Holy Chit, you want Bobby to come over and charge your mother $540.00 to put in her window? If he knows your mom thinks it will take 20 minutes, he will!!

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