Thought I would share to all the college students.

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    Saw a add in the paper yesterday. So after contemplating it for a while last night and most of the day I decided to act upon it. Most recently I have been getting alot of calls wanting service. Being a solo operation for several years i decieded to go with this college student. Here is how I found him.
    Ad read " College student looking for work, will do anything. Mow, trim, fix. Hire me please I will do any thing for 8.00 and hour. "
    I called him a while ago and asked how he was doing. He stated that he was doing ok but would like my work. I told him to be here at 6 pm sharp......

    He showed up at 5:45 waited till 5 min till 6 and knocked on my door.
    as you know how hard it is to get people to show up on time., I Hired him. 8.00 to start out as he said and probably will increase to 12.00 with in one week if worth while.
    any ways sorry for a long post but wondered if any one else has done this.
    ENJOY the HEAT!

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