Thoughts about using "Property Management/Property Designs" in business name...?

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I got this idea from the other thread about a name change posted a few days ago... I just started last year, kind of jumped into it like some of us out of necessity, and before I make the business legit in 2012 I would like to get the name right.

At first, I just wanted something simple like DL Lawns. I still like it, but I've been thinking of something that describes what my company will be doing in a more general, broader sense and staying away from names that have "lawn" or other synonyms of that kind. I've been planning on getting an applicator's license, doing sprinkler installations, walls, ponds, light hanging, gutters, and other things that I don't think some of the general public will associate with a "lawn company" even if I list those as my services.

So I've come up with something like Hawkins Property Management or Hawkins Property Designs. Of course Hawkins is my last name. Just wanted some feedback...

Any thoughts/input?


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Btw, I realize the term "property management" is usually associated with real estate rentals and the like...that's why I am sort of leaning towards using "property designs" but I still want opinions.


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I would go with Hawkins Property Management because if I were a potential customer and saw your name I would think you offer a lot of different services and could use you for everything. I also think property management opens you up to be able to offer many services down the road because to me DL Lawns makes it seem like you are just a mow and go company who only mows and nothing else. I would stay away from property designs because it sounds like you may only do installs and don't offer more of the basic services like fertilization and mowing. One last thought I would maybe even consider property maintenance.


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Why do guys try and cone up with terms that try and make the job more glamorous then it is?

Property management, no way
Property designs, gay!!! Real gay

The biz is what it is, so stick with what works. There's nothing wrong with having lawn on the name.

People are stupid, they don't want to have to think about what it is your company does!!!
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are you a "legit" management company? Licensed, trained, and insured?
then you need to be careful with your name.

I'm not Bob's Funeral Home just because i cut grass at funeral homes.


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Ill add my 2cents. I bellieve that having certain things in a company name can limit you. I didn't want lawn care or landscaping in my company name(plus in lousiana if you have landscaping in yur company name or advertise the service, you must have a landscape contractors lic). My company name is unique and stands out. One Krayzee Kajun Enterprises LLC. Allows me to branch into pretty much anything. I have divided my company into two divisions now. I have One Krayzee Kajun Ent., Lawn & Landscape(lawn,landscape,Apps) and One Krayzee Kajun Ent., Land & Tree(bobcat service,demolition,tree removal and trimming, etc..). Depending on my target audience is how I market the services. Thts my take.
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