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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MuskTurfKing, Jan 18, 2002.

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    Since I've been stuck at home sick all week, I've taken advantage of my new found free time to think about the 2002 business season. I THINK I've remembered all the things I need to do. Resources are limited at the time. (But they always are, aren't they?;))

    1. Get insurance
    2. Put out est 500 flyers in the beginning of February, and once again in mid-March.
    3. What do I about taxes? So far I guess I'll just keep track of everything. Hours, money spent, money earned, and all that good junk.
    4. Advertising in phone book in May once I get license. (It's only $80 and there are only about 6 LCO's in the yellow pages, can't hurt.)
    6. New comm. trimmer and BP blower.
    7. Trailer

    Could there be anything I'm forgetting? Anything that I need to do about taxes? Anything at all that you want to suggest, I would appreciate it.

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    an accountant will eliminate tax problem. themn get software to keep the books on.

    some things on my own list are get a web site (almost done) and find 2 more employees (wish me luck).

    i also drop into dealers evry so often. they have time, chat it up. then when you need a favour in the busy spring they more likely will do it.
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    If you haven"t done so already.

    contact current customers about obtaining other services you offer, that you curently dont provide for them.

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