thoughts needed on diesel truck!!!!!!

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  1. don_don91

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    Our company has came across a 2004 f350 at a very good price... but the only problem is that it is a 6.0. I want to see what you all think about this deal... the truck is like three grand underpriced and it is very sound mechanically as far as i and our mechanic can tell.. all advice is very helpful..

  2. S&S Outdoor Services

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    The 6.0 is known for having the head gasket go out and it would probably be in the 3 k range to have it taken care of. I'm not an expert but if I remember correctly it's the EGR cooler that goes bad? If you want to keep it running and reliable, it might be in your best interest to have a new one installed right off the bat. Other than that I love having a diesel and frequently tow a 14,000lb trailer around with a plow hanging off the front. Cold weather starts can suck but being that you're in Georgia, you shouldn't have much of a problem.....
  3. bdconsoli

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    According to Diesel Power magazine they can be great engines with a few fixes. One was the EGR issue and I think the 03-04s had turbo problems too. They may have the article on their website but I'm not sure.
  4. jay12

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    I've heard horror stories as well, but I had one 04 for a couple years and the only problem we ever had out of it was the egr valve. It was a simple fix, egr delete kit is fairly inexpensive. The 04 was probably the best truck Ive ever owned. I had an 05 after it, had some small problems, injector driver module, and egr cooler. Other than that it was a good truck. If the truck you speak of is priced right, it would be worth looking into. They tell me you either get a good one or a bad one so its probably a toss up. Personally I wouldnt hesitate to buy a 6.0. Any diesel is as liable as the next to have problems. Duramax prior to 04 have injector trouble, a common rail cummins has occasional problems with main caps backing off. I say go for it
  5. godflesh

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    The international 6.0 V8 had a few problems with lifting the heads off the fire deck and the EGR cooler popping off and boiling off all of your coolant before you knew what happened.
    Run the VIN at the local ford dealer and see if it had the factory engine mods done or if it had a new set of heads put on. Take comfort in knowing that all of those problems I personally know about happened because guys were pulling a 40ft gooseneck with 2 backhoes and a skid steer or somehow otherwise overloading the hell out of it. If it has the aftermarket EGR cooler installed, head bolts converted to head studs, and a good pyrometer with an ethanol injection system to keep exhaust temps down you'll probably have a serious good truck on your hands.
  6. NonStop

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    Like said above, see what factory work has been done to it. Borrowing a scan tool that can be plugged in to tell you oil vs. coolant temps while test driving would help alot. They would be close to each other, if not, then most likely the oil cooler is going bad. Common problem.

    I have an '06 since new without any problems except for the Fuel Injection Control Module went bad. Replaced it ($500 for the part and 30 minutes to install) and was all good. I did clean the EGR a few times.

    A Ford diesel specialist told me that a stock 6.0 can be virtually bulletproof with the EGR delete, updated oil cooler, and a coolant filter. I did these things just eventhough I didn't have any real problems and the truck is still running like a champ at 160k with towing trailers just about daily.

    I'd buy another and am actually looking to...

    Edit: keep on its maintenance. regular oil changes and run fuel treatment to keep the injectors happy.
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  7. powerslawn&landscaping

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    Nothing but problems - pay the extra money and buy a older 7.3 - My truck has been a nightmare. My older 7.3 will out work the 6L any day of the week. I get better milage w/the 7.3 also - If you do buy it plan on dumping $1000 to bypass egr / oil cooler GOOD LUCK
  8. A&R Enterprise

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    I have a buddy that has a 2004 and had nothing but problems with it.he had head problems and injector problems with it.I have a 2003 with the 7.3 and the thing is bullet proof.If you were to get the 6.0 i would try and get a newer model where they have all the bugs worked out.I love my fords but I would shy away from the 6.0 when they first came out with the 6.0 motor.hope this helps.
  9. NonStop

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    What year is your 6.0? Miles? What mods have you done to it and what problems have you had?
  10. powerslawn&landscaping

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    2005 - started having problems at 60,000 miles - started with electrical problem - 2 times for oil pressure problems and it would not start -4 times related to oil cooler/egr clogging up - injector problems twice. I have had to have it towed in at least 4 times at my expense - its been running ok for a month or so. Dealer did all the work . 7.3 === no problems ever and never been towed or let me down. My friend has a large fleet of 6.0 s and parked 14 of them because he cant keep them on the road.

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