Thoughts on a multi purpose roll off truck???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 97Stroker, Jul 11, 2001.

  1. 97Stroker

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    Well the boss is thinking of getting a new truck. We went to the truck show in Boston in May, and saw some nice set ups. However we were thinking that a roll off truck would be such a great concept for us. We currently run a 99 350 dump, a 2001 dodge dually to tow the 24 foot enclosed trailer. So to have a roll off truck with several bodies, we be a very bersatile truck. For example: One body as a Dump bed, a couple bodies as regular roll off's, especially for customer debris, another body with a poly tank for lawn fertilizer, a hydro seeder, a mulch blower, most importantly a nice new leaf vaccum set up.

    What do you guys think about it??? I mean we were looking at freightliner chassis, 5+2 manual, cummins, 33k gvw. It's a nice low truck, and pretty short.
    This would really save on registering 6 trucks, save money on maintainence for 6 trucks.
    what do you guys think???:blob3:
  2. mdb landscaping

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    i definately think its a good idea. i actually have seen a few local lcos that use them. one was an irrigation contractor. he was using an f-350 powerstroke. its such a good idea because you can drop a container of mulch and a few guys off and go onto another job. just come back and pick up the empty container. you can have a flatbed with a sander, then the leaf vacuum, as well as a steak body and a box container. even a tool utility body one.
    i saw an ad the other day for a local trailer guy that was selling trailers with the hooks for containers. i think a lot more of these trucks will start showing up.
  3. 97Stroker

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    MDB You nailed the mulch thing right on the head. You know when you got a big job, you can fill that thing up 15 yards full, drop it off in the diveway, open up the gate and wheel the barrels right in. Then if you have any left over it's all set to go to the next job.
  4. Chopper Lover

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    Many of the larger Fire Departments utilize the "Roll Off" concept. They take enclosed Roll Off Boxes and set them up for different operations. Some of the different "Pods" are set up for Trench Collapse, Hazardous Materials, Building Collapse or Mass Casualties for example. The unit is housed at a station and when an incident goes out where a POD is required, it is pulled onto the transport unit and away they go! They drop the POD and they can either go get another one, or wait until that one is no longer needed. It is a fantastic operation.

    I can see where this concept would have great applications to and major Landscaping Company.

  5. gene gls

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    The LCO that owns the building that my dealer is in just got a new Mitsubshi Hook truck. Nice unit.


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