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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Markf, Jun 7, 2005.

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    I have searched this database along with ASTM standards, National Parks and Rec websites to no avail. This is what my client wants. She presently has an 18'x 18' area that she wants us to create a play area for her two small children. No swings or slides, just a square are to play in. Our thoughts are to create this area using 6x6 timbers with their edges routered into a gentle radii. These timbers would be fixed to the ground using rebar or spikes that have been countersunk below the surface of the timber's face. Assuming that the ground is level (give or take) I would fill it to the top edge with playground mulch. Assuming I can get it here in this part of Connecticut. (I'll check with our town Parks and Rec guy). However, any search that I have done does tell me what the mulch depth should be. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, what is the difference between playgroung mulch and triple shredded mulch?
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    Hey Mark--

    You might find some specs on sites that sell rubber mulch. An internet search will return lots of sites. Maybe you can find some suggestions there.

    See ya----kerdog

    edit--sorry Mark....I thought someone had asked a similar question recently, they did was you! Anyway-good luck with your search.
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    most city's and or states of their own regulations on the depth of the playground material. I would suggest going with certified playground material from a reputable supplier. Also the rubber mulch is an option but it is quite expensive and in my opinion not worth the money. On most new playground installs we do I have seen the use of a plastic edging that is about 1/2 inch thick and about 12 inches deep. I think that would be a safer bet for a playground area rather than the timbers. But as far as regulations on depth go I would most defiantly check fist with your local inspectors office to see if they regulate it and if not they can most defiantly point you in the correct direction. As far as the 2x shred mulch and playground is the playground is the wood fines and has a much better shock absorbency, it also should be certified with state or federal standards. Make sure you ask and verify there certification.

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