Thoughts On An Enclosed Trailer!!!!?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by RiverCityLawnCare, Sep 2, 2012.

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    We also did the plastic roof that lets light in, extra hd axles, torsion bars instead of leaf springs and pintle hitches. Pintles save alot of time bc its easier to hit that ring. You dont have to get it exact just close. Also, any truck can tow it, no more looking for the right size ball. Also we went with the 4 foot side door.
  2. Pietro

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    Enclosed is the way to go. Rolling shop. Equip is always out of the weather. Build shelves and you can always have all tools on hand.
  3. CTmower

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    I used a open trailer my first 2 years in business. I've now owned my 8.5x20 enclosed trailer for the past 3 years and I would never go back to open.
    As stated before, its a rolling billboard and looks extremely professional lettered in the proper way. No need to load and unload your equipment everyday.
    Sure I lost a few MPG but to me its totally worth it.
    My one piece of advice is go as big as your can go. I was originally looking at 16' but thanks to many on this board I went with the 20'. I have a 61" Turf Tiger and 48" Turf Tracer. You'd be surprised how quick all the room gets taken up once you add in your little hand helds and other accessories. You still want to be able to move around your enclosed trailer with having to unload equipment on every trip.
  4. RiverCityLawnCare

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    Ctmower, I currently have a 52 inch ferris, a 36 walk behind and a holda push. Next yeer I'm looking to purchase a new scar tiger cat or turf tiger, along with selling my 36 toro and purchasing a 36 stander or hydro drive. How much left over room do you have in your 20'. I would have my v nose built into shelves when a slot for my push mower. All of my handhelds would be hung up, and I would have a side door so I can pull my 36 sideways and only have my ferris and scag using the rear door. Do you think that would be enough room? I keep thinking to my self that 16 will be plenty because I have a 16 open now and I have plenty for room when I hall all my equipment plus a large four wheeler to the cabin. Please let me know what you think!!! Thanks soo much everyone
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    I was always a big fan of enclosed trailers, until I got in a bind and had to have a crew use an open trailer for a little bit. We saved about $75 that week on fuel. Always used the open trailers for mowing now. Gas is expensive.
  6. Glenn Lawn Care

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    If you have a pretty tight route fuel shouldn't be that big of a factor.
  7. CTmower

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    I have enough room where I can still walk in a circle around my Turf Tiger while inside the trailer. I keep my 48" and push blower all the way in the front of the trailer strapped tight. I'm sure I could fit another mower inside if I packed all the mowers in tight but then would defeat part of the reason why I purchased the larger enclosed. I'd highly suggest staying away from a 16' enclosed trailer. You'd be surprised how quick the room gets taken up and remember with a enclosed trailer you have walls which tend to get in the way when moving mowers sideways.

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    those are all great reasons, but number 3 is spot on... i work in a gated community of over 3000... i have found 3 porta pottys at new home construction inside the gates. without those i would have to leave go to a gas station and re-check in with the guard...
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    I just upgraded from a 6.5X12 open to a 8.5X20 enclosed this season. First off I see in your profile you only have a 1500 sierra. An enclosed is basically like dragging a brick behind you. I definatly burn more gas and I can definatly feal the weight difference, and I have a 7.3 diesel. They are easily three times the price of an open trailer if you go with a good brand, and you will have a harder time backing into some areas simply due to visability.

    All that said I absolutly love mine. I have had trimmers stolen before, which is no longer a concern. Equipment is now kept out of the rain and secure at all times. I can carry a lot more equimpent and tools due to wall and ceiling space. The advertising factor is a no brainer. Plus it will give me a ton more space for winter storage when I don't need it, rather than one more thing i need to store come winter.

    I still have my open trailer which i use one day a week for a route in town with very tight one way streets, but otherwise the larger trailer really isn't hard at all to drive. Absolutly go with 8.5 and not 7. The actual axle width is the same so you wont be able to fit it in any tighter places (7 has large fenders, 8.5 takes the walls out near the wheel edge and eliminates most of the fender). Think very hard on how long you need as well. 16 was my original plan as well, but thanks to a few very incompatent people at haulmark i ended up getting the 20' for only like 200$ more than the 16'. The actual trailer weight was only like 300lbs more which is fairly insignificant when you consider its around 6k loaded. Now that I have the 20' i'm really glad i didn't go with the 16'. Space fills up quick and I like having room to walk around and add more equipment as i grow.

    Just don't go with a pos home depot enclosed or some such. Spend the money once and get a high quality trailer set up exactly how you want. You wont regret it (other than fuel costs haha)
  10. topturfhsv

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    Enclosed trailers are nice to have and I liked mine when I had it but a box truck is hands down far better than an enclosed. A box truck has all the benefits listed here that enclosed have but also easier to drive and manuver due to a better turning radius. If you buy a good heavy duty truck and a decent enclosed, it will be more than buying a good used box truck. Also, box trucks are usually better on fuel but is not like thats expensive or anything lol....that's the reason I sold mine this year and will be buying a box truck this spring.

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