thoughts on biweekly mulching in the fall

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by zackvbra, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. Groomer

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    I mulch until the heavy drop.

    Then its blowers/tarps and and leaf pickup.

    a double cut after.

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  2. TheLugNutZ

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    ^ looks good!

    Im working on my business plan next year and what I was thinking is why not give the client an option?
    If they want to mulch them:
    Offer to do bi-weekly cuts through December/last leaf fall for a set amount. I was thinking charge roughly 2x the weekly cut x the number of times it takes, lets estimate 3 trips total. (3 total cuts in the leaf season, so say $80/cut, thats $240 ).
    This guarantees that the leaves wont sit on the lawn for more than 2 weeks and will generally keep the lawn looking fresh through the holidays.

    If they want them removed off the lawn then Ill prob have to figure out the time its going to take and base the estimate off of that. Ill still mulch them 1st though most likely.. It will also make a difference if they want them left at the curb or taken away. Im thinking since Im part time now, it may make sense to team up with someone that can do curb pickup and sub that out to them if the client wants them taken away completely. Ill be starting off with an SUV so im not so sure Ill have the space to take leaves with me initially..
  3. Smallaxe

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    It works how it works according to a number of factors that can't be predicted and accomplished according to that plan... make no promises in advance, especially about bi-weekly mulching...
  4. TheLugNutZ

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    Yeah well what I found out yesterday in my own yard was if you have too many you are still going to have to blow them regardless. The back of my property has some wooded area that has a lot of leaves, after mulching, and passing over a few times, there was still too much on the lawn and chances are the grass would have been killed. So I blew the mulched leaves into the woods, that worked, but you def can guarantee that mulching alone will be sufficient...
  5. Smallaxe

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    OK,,, guarantee that mulching alone will be sufficient and quote a price that they will love ,,, for once every 2 weeks during the Fall all the way to December... :)
  6. TheLugNutZ

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    lol i was agreeing with you... i just miss-typed. I meant to write "but you def CANT guarantee that mulching alone will be sufficient"
  7. echo

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    Mulching alone, in the northeast, is impossible. To be efficient you're gonna need some equipment. Loader, plow, wheeled blower, backpack blowers, large truck or trailer, etc... It can be done with less equipment but its very time consuming.
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  8. Smallaxe

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    I was beginning to worry about you... :)
  9. TheLugNutZ

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  10. weeze

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    i always mulch leaves. alot of customers don't have many trees in their yards or none at all. some have alot. only a few get me to do their leaves each year. i do leaves from the end of october-mid december. after that all of the leaves have fallen. i discharge and don't have a mulch kit. i use G6 blades which cuts the leaves up nicely. these are the same blades i use all season long cutting grass so i only need one setup on my mower year round.

    i blow out the beds and hard surfaces first into the yard and then discharge everything to the middle of the yard. once the leaves build up i start discharging outwards. i section the yards off into little rectangles and go over the leaves until they disappear. i live in the south and cut warm season grasses and cut short so no stripes to worry about messing up. when i get done the yard is spotless. the first few times though new leaves have already fallen before i get done. it's not worth worrying about getting every single leaf up until december after they've all fallen.

    on that note the leaves have been horrible this year. way more than usual. i guess it's because it rained so much this year and the trees had a ton of leaves on them.

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