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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ksss, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. ksss

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    I am not sure I didn't ask. The 1221 production was going to be moved in house in 09 don't know if that happened or not. It was nice to see them expand their wheel loader line. They look like CASE loaders with the same 21 series lines.
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    This is what I'm thinking. Most of the ASV/Terex dealers in these parts also sell Kubota. Now I really can't see anyone buying a Terex mini ex over a Kubota. I wonder if the dealers will give them the numbers on mini ex sales between the two so they can see for themselves.
    It seems to be Terexs' thing to buy up smaller mfg's. I would also think IHI would gain from this as ASV did when Terex bought them. Terex would also gain a ctl in the deal. Hmmmmm.
  3. farm_boy

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    10 and 1121 are Case designed and built. 1221 is still Korean and will continue to be so for a while. Interesting transmission in the two new loaders. Somewhat of a CVT. Interesting concept I guess time will tell if it pans out for them.
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    I really enjoy seeing people on these forums when asked about backhoes they never mention Terex,its always Cat,Deere or Case and anything else is "garbage" when Terex is in a good place right now.

    The price range is very affordable,financing rates are just as good as the big 3,the backhoes are very meat and potatoes in the mechanical side of things and dealers are becoming more available.

    When I buy my next backhoe I'm seriously looking at Terex and $80,000 (plus 13% tax) Canadian for a 760B with pilot controls is a great price when Deere and Cat 420's and 310's go for $120,000 plus tax here
  5. Swampy

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    Daddy needs his fix of high heels and glitter!

    NO offense but I just got done last week with the guys from CASE on the 580 Super M (BHL). Honestly has been the best backhoe to train on. It wasn't the cheapest machine presented to the Army, It was Spec'ed to their needs. I'm sure Terex was in the bid package but if they where cheaper and they didn't go with them? Some higher power must have found something wrong with them.
  6. Digdeep

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    I think Case makes a good backhoe, but unfortunately thats not how it works all the time with military procurement. I remember when I was with Bobcat and we were bidding a military package and our competitor actually performed far better than we did during the majority of the testing/proving process. Bobcat got the deal merely because of price. Nobody knows what price Case quoted to the military. The days of $80 toilet seats are gone.
  7. 93turbo

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    The terex just feels akward or atleast the one I ran did and maybe the newer ones are different I haven't been in any new ones. The terex is a farmers and my brother runs it for him all the time so to see if it was just me I took my brother to try out a case and as soon as he got in it he said this is more like it. The controls are just located better but otherwise I can't say anything bad about the terex it seems to dig alright and so far been trouble free. The case was a 580 super m 4x4 with 4n1 bucket new for 90K
  8. murray83

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    Tried a Case SM I wasn't impressed my JCB 1400 dug better only thing I liked was the pilot controls.

    All these newer machines are all too over computerized and therefor becomes costly to repair thats why I love the Terex backhoe based on the Massey Ferguson design which still work today on many sites in this area.

    Lets take our 1983 Cat 235 at work for example its one of the best machines we have as its never a shop queen like the new ones are,the last 10 years its been strictly a hammer machine we also have a 2006 370C Deere strictly for a hammer machine and every month it blows hoses,leaks hydraulic fluid and has computer issues when our old Cat just loves the abuse
  9. ksss

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    Actually the Terex BH is based off the Fermac backhoe. Fermac was owned by CASE.

    As far as a Super M getting out dug by a 1400 JCB. That JCB might be a great hoe but out dig a Super M would be impressive. Sometimes its easy to confuse familiarity with power and comfort.

    I wont argue the issue with computerization. However to meet tier requirements engines will need to be computer controlled which means everything gets computer controlled. Like it or not. The only issue I really had a problem with on the Terex backhoe was sitting in the seat and running the hoe the controls were spread too far apart and did not adjust. It would have been uncomfortable if you were in it for a long period of time. Tons of room in the cab though.
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  10. murray83

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    Fermac bought MF industrial in the early 90's if I remember right and if you look at the 50 or 60Hx series MF backhoes from the mid 80's they are very much alike the 760 and 860 Fermac/Terex design with a few added improvements over the years to its present day model

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