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First I'll introduce myself. Long time lurker prolly 5 plus years. I have 10 years in the industry install to service tech. Recently I purchased a company in my hometown and the main supply house is mostly Krain. I've been a rainbird guy for 10 years and love their stuff. So here's my thoughts on Krain after installing their stuff for about three weeks now.
The good
I really like the super pro rotor really nice distribution seems heavy built. Although seems to throw a little too much water right next to the head
I've really taken a liking to their pop up heads just seems better built then the birds. The warranty 5 years on a rotor
The bad
Their rotary nozzles are terrible compared to the hunter mp. I still install the hunters.
Some of the older pro ex controllers i've serviced seem like the buttons are going bad this worries me. The rps 75 feels flimsy and cheap. It maybe the same as a hunter pgp but it feels as though the plastic is thinner the makes the head weaker.

The meh
I do like the pro 100 valve so far diaphragm is pretty heavy built although you better Position it right in the box or its gonna be a PIA to service. The flow through diaphragm is nice around here with 90% of the systems being run off pumps or irrigation district 2" rises for hand lines.

Just wondering what your guys thoughts on their products who have more experience with them. I'll probably start using the 5000 plus on my smaller yards with the krain pop ups. The on the bigger yard using the super pros. Might switch to rainbird controllers aswell. Chime in let me know your thoughts. Thanks


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Krain doesn’t have a very big following up here, but when I do see it it’s their pgp knockoff, and it has the same seal issues as the pgp. As for the rest of their line, idk?

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My only experience with K-Rain is one that is still ongoing until the nozzles I bought in bulk 22 years ago are gone.

One of my distributors was phasing out K-Rain and had a huge inventory of their male thread spray nozzles. I use these K-Rain nozzles on occasion as they have a different application than the standard Toro 570. In particular these spray nozzles throw lower than the 570 and higher than a low angle nozzle thus providing an interim design option. Also this batch of 1/4 and 1/2 nozzles are not true to their label and are approximately 80 and 170 degrees respectively allowing less waste on hardscape that is curving inward. Their 360s also throw at a lower angle than the 570s.

My distributor had 12,000 plus nozzles to unload (1/4--1/2 and Fulls) and told me to make an offer. I said $500 and he said make it $1000 and I said done.

I still have about 1500 left and continue to use them on service and sometimes those one or two sprays on an install that need "that K-Rain touch".

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I like the rotors. and the 1800 knock offs. Use em both. That's the only k rain products I use. If anyone ever gets jammed up with a k rain solonoide and needs to replace , an irritrol will fit.


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All I use is the ProPlus rotors. I’ve only messed with one timer and, as OP said, it felt cheap. It felt like I was messing with an Orbit timer.
I wanted to go wash my hands when I was done touching it....
I really do like the ProPlus rotors, though.