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Thoughts on my LOGO!!


LawnSite Member
Pocatello, Idaho
Hey I was wondering what everyone thought of my Logo before I do cards, signs and all that fun stuff.

Brandon Jolley

Brandon copy.jpg


Former Moderator
I like the KISS rule. Keep It Simple Stupid.
I think there are too many colors (also will be more expensive to print the more different inks you use), and I'm not crazy about the font.
However, it's a lot better than I could ever design, I think with a little work it will be fine.


LawnSite Silver Member
IMO, loose the flowers, bugs, and "clutter".

You could use that design you have above for certain things, like newsletters, invoices, etc. but for a logo for a truck or shirt, definitely loose the other stuff


LawnSite Senior Member
Somewhere in FL
I think it is a little cutesy to present a profession image. I'd lose the bugs and flowers. The font looks great, I'd keep the grass under the lettering. In addition that would simplify the coloring to print.


LawnSite Member
Take out the bush on the left hand side that covers the G. And take out the flower on the right hand side that is against the "n". With those two things, it will make it easier to read. Its different, so you might get more looks.

Team Gopher

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Hi Green-Cuts,

The fun thing about creating a logo is that it is your expression. If you like it, great! If you want more logo examples we have hundreds of free logo designs you can download and use here.
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i agree, lose the flowers.


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Elkhart, Indiana
Thats going to be one expensive logo to print... The logo i had designed is four color. Its much more expensive just to go from 4 to 6 colors.