Thoughts on new (to me) chevy truck


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Durham, NC
Hey Guys- looking for advice- need a new truck, really want 4wd as I have to get to my full time job (health care) and even though we only get a few snow storms every winter, I just sleep better at night knowing I will have 4wd in the AM when in snows. This would not be my daily driver, have alittle car that gets 40ish MPG- I am also a die hard GM guy so please don't make this in to a Dodge-ford-chevy-whatever thread.

I am looking at a 04 silverado 2500 HD, 6.0, auto, ext cab, 4wd, not sure option levels, 161k miles- asking $ value I have found around me (dealer was asking 17900 for a similar 2006 1500 4wd today...)

What I tow- trailer with landscape materials at around 6k, have a small tractor that might be 4-5k with all the implements plus trailer, plus my parents have a 5th wheel RV and we might want to get a trailer and start camping with this truck may be over kill, but honestly it looks to be a better deal than a 1500 (and it hasn't been ghetto'd-out like all the 1500s on CL)


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Fortunately you live in NC so the truck most likely has never had a plow. This makes it way less likely to have front end problems, tranny problems, etc. I have an 2002 2500hd with the 6.0. Love mine, 6.0 is a great motor, as all SBC's are. Mine just rolled over 200k, starts with a flick of the key. Yes I have rebuilt the entire front end(truck has had a plow it's whole life), did brakes front and rear, fuel pump, plugs/wires, other misc. wearable parts. If you don't know trucks, bring someone who does. Thats not a bad deal, I would't be scared with those miles, if the truck has been maintained well, you should be able to get 250-300k out of it. Check the oil, take it for a spin, put the pedal to the floor and make sure it shifts smooth at higher rpms. Jack up the front end, check the wheels for play, make sure there is no rattles/clunks when driving.

That truck will tow everything that you need to. I have towed 11k with mine. It did fairly well, but it's no diesel. You won't get good mileage, I average about 12 unloaded. Yet it's still cheaper than owning a diesel, and IMO it tows fairly well. Overall the 6.0 motor I'd say is a great bang for your buck. It will tow the occasional 10k quite well, and won't empty your wallet. If the truck checks out good and appears to have been maintained, i'd go for it.

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agreed. I used to have a diesel then got my current 04 2500hd with the 6.0. the 6 liter is a little sluggish while towing something really heavy like my camper. but for equipment and mowers, it'll do fine. that truck will handle the weight very well, you won't feel like you're not in control of your load and the 6.o should last for a long time if maintained. the front wheel bearings are known for going out, esp if there was a plow on the front. I had to replace one of mine and it was around 450 just for the damn part. thats my only issue ive had with the truck in 6 years. the 6 liter is very thirsty and gets terrible mileage, so use it only when you need it. 7k seems about right for that year truck with that many miles. check autotrader and craigslist for comparisons. Also, if you hear/feel a clunking noise in the steering column, don't worry about it. not sure what causes it, but it's a normal problem lots of people have complained about. its pretty subtle but i've learned to embrace the clunk, it keeps me company on long rides :) just check it over real well, check the bottom side for rust and damaged brake lines, dented drive shafts, dings/knicks on the axle tubes.....these are all telltale signs of abuse or that the truck was worked pretty hard. if it was some guys daily driver or occasional tow rig, I'd take it....good luck


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Cincy, OH
I have an '03 2500HD ext. cab 4x4 6.0 105,000 and change. The thing is a beast. It pulls a mowing setup just fine. You are not going to win any races if your pulling a bobcat or say 16' with 6yds of mulch but it will pull it. Only downfall is fuel mileage. As long as the truck is solid and no major mechanical issues you can't go wrong.