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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Southern Heritage, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Southern Heritage

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    I'm wanting y'all's thoughts on "customizing" your truck. I mean Lifts, bumpers, winches, fender flares, wheels, big tires, etc. Do you think they help or hurt you on sales and marketing. To be specific.
    I sell for my company. I drive a 2012 Toyota Tundra. Lets say I wanted to do a leveling kit. Fancy wheels, mud tires, front and rear bumpers not gauty big massive bumpers but winch bumpers, Fender flares etc.
    would you fill it looks immature and unprofessional and you wouldn't hire me
    You would feel he has a very nice truck made for work that has been adapted to his job. Whether it is or not.
    I know people would remember the truck but would it be good or bad.

    Few Other notes are all my trucks are fully decaled with our company's name number and logo and all the same color. My guys wear uniforms and Our formens wear collard shirts and Kakis. So it's not joe blow with cut offs and holy pants in this truck or our others.
  2. Shawn S

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    What are you selling? Is the target market for your product interested in lifted custom trucks? If so than go for it, it will help.
    If you target market isn't into that stuff, then it won't help, and may hurt.
  3. Southern Heritage

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    I sell for a Landscapeing company. Design and install, property maintence, and one it will help but I don't sell a lot of any more is wildlife management.
  4. Southern Heritage

    Southern Heritage LawnSite Member
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    Here is something similar. My thoughts are there is a 100 company's that have nice trucks that are decaled. So when moving down the rd or sitting in front of the house. What is going to catch your eye. What is going to help you remember it wasn't the guy with the white truck it was the nice white truck etc.
    or am I off on this all together. I have thick skin let me have it.
    Here is a picture of a truck very similar to what I want.
  5. dstifel

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    My thoughts are customers will think you have more money then you know what to do with so u dumped it into your truck. I could be off basis but IMO that's what I foresee. Let us know though because I would love to customize my truck if it works
  6. cgaengineer

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    Every once in a while I take my lifted double cab Tacoma with an arb bull bar and warn winch on estimates...but my other estimate truck is also a lifted Tacoma with an arb and a warn customers just say "those Yotas are good trucks".

    I generally don't think customers could care less as long as the price is right.

    Nice looking Tundra btw...
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  7. Southern Heritage

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    I actually think that's a awsome point. This is more on a personal note. I always have had a hunting truck. I don't mean a old 80's Chevy with straight pipes. I'm a big outdoorsman and always at our lease where I maintain our property and roughly 6000 acres. I also take alot of clients into the field so again it was a nice respectble truck but was equipped with the needed tools for what I used it for. Well I sold my hunting truck turned my work truck into a fleet vehicle and purchased the tundra. I had to purchase another fleet truck so I couldn't justify another hunting vehicle and fixing it up. So my first thought was fixing my tundra for both. But I'll be honest I could make do with all but tires.
  8. precision8m

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    I dont think custom bumpers look too bad, they are actually used on most city and county vehicles and still look professional, but noticeable lifts and huge tires would be a turn off to some if this is a sales vehicle. Occasional use I would say don't worry about it, but everyday means that you are bound to find people that think its over the top. If you do a leveling kit, non-aggressive all terrain tires, and bumpers, I dont think most people would notice, and the ones that did would appreciate it.
  9. tbambersvc

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    I don't think its unprofessional at all to have a customized truck. When I was plowing, I took my Dodge to all estimates and that had 35's, big exhaust tip, tinted windows, so on and so forth. I think custom trucks are fine, what I think is unprofessional is a dirty truck, as in dirty, damaged, etc.. I think if someone has a clean truck they will keep the job site clean and leave it the way they left it or better. I will not go meet a customer if my truck is dirty. If you rolled up to my house with a lifted truck and such, I would probably spend an hour looking and talking to you about it, because thats stuff I'm into.

    Nice Toyota up there also.

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