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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TeHoss7, Jul 19, 2002.

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    I am highly considering purchasing a 36 in. scag walk behind but do not know if i want the ultimate or regular. i would want the ultimate for the floating deck and the ability to change the height of cut. I would like some input on which to get and if any of y'all have had any major problems with scag walk behinds.
  2. we have two 36 in hydro ultimate's and a 52 and the machine is built like a tank.
    Cuts great and stripes great to.
    One is a 2000 model and has 1200 hours on it no problems yet .
    Id go with the ultimate we have been pleased with em
  3. Jimbo

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    Last Year I bought a used 1997 Scag 36" Belt drive, fixed deck with 12.5HP Kawi.

    The used one has served me well. Now problems and built extra heavy. I have considered purchasing a Hydro with the floating deck, but the one I saw had extra long front casters. The casters were much longer than necessary, and my trailer is already cramped for room.

    There are times when I would like to adust the deck height, but dont due to the difficulty of adjusting the fixed deck. Scalping is not a problem with this small of a deck so I wouldn't consider that when making your purchase.
    If you mow one height all the time the fixed deck should do you fine.
    Whatever you do buy yourself a Hydro. It takes mcuh less effort to operate the levers etc.

  4. jhawk71

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    I just bought a scag 36" belt drive fixed deck 15 hp kawasaki. I have had no problems yet except i ran over a thorn and put a hole in the tire. The 15 hp kawasaki is plenty of power to run this machine. I would go with the advantage deck because it does work and allows you do keep the grass standing upbefore you cut it. Hope that helps.

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