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Thoughts on Scott's Turfbuilder


LawnSite Member
Cheyenne, WY
I used it years ago on my own property befor I got into lawn care. It is crap compared to the stuff I get now from the local supliers.

envi lawn

LawnSite Member
Turfbuilder has helped the commercial LCO's for many years.
Many consumers buy it because of the name recognition, and they end up striping their lawns through mis- application.
When I drive by one of these lawns, I leave my calling card, doorknob hanger, etc. It can lead to a new account real easy.
I personally think STB is junk fert: clumpy, hard to see and spread, and overpriced.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Stratford, CT
"Turfbuilder" is a coptright protected trade name owned by Scotts for fertilizer. They will change analysis & ingredients however the marketers/agronomists see fit. But it is nothing more than fertilizer.

Danny Harrison

LawnSite Member
Winter Haven, FL
I am new also to the buis. and was told by many not to use 'scotts" due to cheap fert. from home depot's/ wal-mart/ lowe's ect... What is a good commercial fert and year round program I can offer to customers in my lawn business? I want carry profes. products w/ my company, not cheap home owner products that my customer could go to their local store and buy and do it their selves. Thanks guy's/ this site is awsome!!