Thoughts on skidsteer backhoe attachment?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Iceman318, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. alldayrj

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    If its cheap enough, use it for a job or two and flip it. Otherwise you will be sitting on it just like they are. Planting 10 trees? Dig by hand. Planting 100 trees? Rent a mini
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  2. Junior M

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    I bought mine thinking I'd use it more than I have.. I woulda sold it already but I've used it more burying deer guts this season than anytime. I haven't used it on a job that paid yet.
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  3. ksss

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    You have to buy these things cheap, because there is not much perceived value there. There are times when it would be handy to have one again, mostly instead of mobilizing a mini to a job it would be easy to put that attachment on the trailer with a skid steer. I used one for a couple years before getting into a used mini, so I get the attraction and the rational, but a used 3.5 ton mini ex can be had pretty cheap and 100 more useful.
  4. alldayrj

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    Heres my biggest problem. I store my skid on the trailer. So it goes like this. Empty the dump. Hook up the trailer. Tske the skid off. Dig out the attachment from the back of the yard. Load it on. Load the skid back on the trailer. Go to job. Dig for 30 mins. Do it all over again.
    Grab a shovel/ rent a mini
  5. DGM

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    Also check to see what the cost is for the adapter plate. I have a bradco backhoe attachment and you have to change the adapter plate for each machine. to go from my bobcat 773 to a bobcat t190 =$1600 just for the adapter plate swap.

    Also I have a adapter plate for a Johndeere if anyone needs one.
  6. Iceman318

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    Yeah the mounting plates are the same, I already checked that out, I just have to add some kind of lock on the loader arms to match the lock on the backhoe (not worried about any of that stuff, I have a welding background and my brother is a heavy equipment mechanic, we've made a couple adapter plates and hydraulic adapters already). Seems like from what I'm hearing, the attachment is as much of a PITA as I expected. I'm not going to bid any extravagant amount on it, so if I get it, it will be cheap. Like I said, the intent will be to use it for a bit and eventually grow into a mini ex. I have a potential 5 ton dump truck project on the horizon, and I'm soon going to have to look at a truck replacement, so I can't tie up money in the mini ex just yet (soon tho I hope). Thanks for the help guys!

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