Thoughts on small rotors..

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by CAPT Stream Rotar, May 12, 2011.

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    Honestly I haven't installed a whole lot of 3500s to really have a solid opinion on them. They just always seemed a bit on the cheap side (which I guess is true technically speaking). I've had issues adjusting ones that have been installed for awhile, since the adj screw is plastic. I could however see it as a decent head in the perfect circumstance. However I see too many companies throw these things in tight areas and turn the radius down to 6-8 feet where there is hardly even distribution, pathetic :hammerhead:. Not that it faults the head itself in this scenario.

    I was always fascinated when Walla Walla came out with the MP Rotor nozzle and it just kinda stuck with me. I've hardly had an issue with them. Compared to the 3500, the MP just seems much more versatile.

    The Downsides:
    -costs a little more
    -and like Leary said, run times might be a little longer, but is hardly an issue (in most cases)
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    I have always liked the RB 3500 heads. They are a little cheap when you are handling them. Doesn't feel heavy or durable at all. However can't say I have had much problems with them in the way of adjustment or performance.

    That being said I'd much rather use an MP2000 or 3000 to do the same job these days.
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    Its not the size of the head, its how you use it.
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    You should know.:) How's the wife and the 'yung un doing?
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    The wife is great, ready to pop. The young'un is good, head down, ready to meet it's parents. Any day now. I've been grounded to the house since last week. We're hoping for an early arrival.
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    Absolutely, we tested the first trial run for Walla Walla and started using them right away. For plantings, they work very well. As mentioned, the only time I've screwed myself was when systems went over thirty zones or so, and we were forced into daytime runs. :hammerhead:
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    there is always something more useful to stock than mini-rotors :nono:

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