Thoughts on stolen tools.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by oldrustycars, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. oldrustycars

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    anyone who ever buys stolen tools or equipment, or stuff that seems like it was stolen, has no room to complain when their stuff gets stolen. if no one will buy it, the market dries up. i once had a cutsomer who was forever bringing me Stihl TS350 concrete saws for repair, always getting them at flea markets and car trunks for 50 bucks. he thought he was really clever. one day he came in and bought 5 brand new saws. "some bastard broke into my shop and stole all my stuff" i didnt tell him "i told ya so".
    ever been ripped off? i once came in to find the entire shop had been ripped off...20 mechanics, plus all the service trucks. my heart just sank. i lost over $20,000 in tools. what insurance didnt cover the owner did, but some stuff had been given to me by my dad, who has passed away, so it had sentimental value. so if it seems too good to be true, maybe let it pass. just me on my soapbox again.
  2. Restrorob

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    Boy, You like that soapbox huh :laugh:

    I had around 6,000 stolen in a Matco box right outside my back door under the carport back in 1980. No insurance so had to eat the loss. Again in 1989, The Auto shop I worked for was broken into. They loaded 4 top and bottom boxes along with mine into the back of a customers truck and somewhere down the road stole a motorcycle and threw it on top, The truck was so loaded it was swaying back and forth going down the road so a cop happen to see them and pulled them over then discovered everything stolen. The cops held our boxes and the customers truck for two weeks as evidence, That was a un-wanted two week vacation. I almost lost close to 15,000 that time and boy was I sick until we heard they were caught, There isn't anything I hate worse then a sorry low down no good for nothing thief.

    TURF DOCTOR LawnSite Silver Member
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    You make a good point,what if some one came up to you with a new redmax 8000 back pack for $100 bucks where would you stand.:confused:
  4. xcopterdoc

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    Just a lil note for you wrench turners.... GET INSURANCE!! Only costs me 120 a yr for 40k in coverage. I inventoried drawer by drawer, with pics. I update it every 6 months or whenever I add a large ticket item.
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    Off topic to a degree but 6 years ago some guys broke into the boatyard where we used to keep our boat and stole 8 outboard motors right off the back of their respectful boats. Ours was one of the eight and I hafta tell ya that it hurts losing a 13k item overnight. The losses were covered by insurance and by the time the police investigated the theives were prolly in miami selling the motors. There was a boat yard right next door with much better security, electronic gate, barbed wire fence and a big @$$ guard dog but we decided to save 5 bucks and go with podunkvilles boat yard.

    Moral of the story? Spend the money necessary to properly safeguard/secure as well as insure your tools and equipment.
  6. KCLandscape

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    I was at a concert last night ( Joe Satraini), came out after and I found a broken window and no pocket PC. I screamed for a couple of minutes...
    And the lot had security. They 9The crack heads) didnt even know if anything was in there, PC was in the console. So that concert cost me about 700
    60 for ticket
    300 for new phone
    300 for new glass

    And it was SSSOOOOO nice here today, finally, and my truck was getting new glass. SH****T

    If anyone in KC goes to see a show at the Uptown....
    Take a cab!
    Sorry off topic, had to vent
  7. steve45

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    I had a tackle box stolen out of my car once. It had a lot of Proto tools that my dad had given me (he used to sell Proto). Totalled about $1300.

    People will steal anything. They'll steal the propeller off an airplane, but I guess the worst I've heard was an prosthetic leg! That must have just been a very mean joke.
  8. RedWolf

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    If its not nailed chained or locked down it will get ripped off.I lost a 2000 concrete saw thanks to some crackhead.then when i found it the guy wouldnt give it back till the cops ran the vin.dumb **** is in the pokey for not only stealing my saw but for 8 counts of rape.I Really wanted to bust his hands up for stealin my saw.

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