Thoughts on this Toro ProLine 44 WB Hydro

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by boxoffire, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. boxoffire

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    I bought a used Toro ProLine 44 on Ebay and have fixed it up some for this season. Never had one of these, it is a hydro. I decided to test on my yard today and noticed rear tire tracks up and down my yard. It seems they sink a little below my cut level thus showing up noticeably. I know it doesn't weigh as much as my JD L110 tractor and it doesn't do this to my yard that badly. We have had some rain lately so maybe lawn is a bit softer than usual but I hope I haven't invested in a mower that is going to make properties look like crap when I'm done. I paid $850 for it and have put another $300 in it for new muffler, paint, wheel bearings, all fluid changes, etc... It runs much smoother since I got it, looks repectable now, and cuts the grass fine it appears. The only thing left for me to do with it is adjust either the cable for slow/fast engine speed or governor adjustment maybe. Not sure. I can only run the mower pretty much at full throttle. When I slowly pull throttle lever towards slow, engine just goes from full throttle to cutting off. Must be some kind of adjustment but I don't know enough about it. Haven't had to take it in to local dealer for any work yet, but may for this little thing. Also noticed that one side of carrier frame was rewelded back onto this mower. Must have been in an ugly accident somewhere along the line. Seller didn't tell me this and it appears the only way to get the cut to be very close to even, you must set one side of deck to 2 1/2 inches and other to 3 inches. Kinda quacky. Guess that's what can happen on ebay. Thanks, I've vented enough on this machine for now.
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    dispute the purchase with ebay if you're unhappy. item not as described
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    geez sounds like a rough mower. I would've checked it out before buying it.

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