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Thread deleted


LawnSite Bronze Member
Well a thread was deleted, however It doesn't supprise me.

Only aren't we all just trying to accomplish the same thing?

Don't we all just want to earn a income to take care of our families?

Aren't our families more important then who's company is better and who uses the best edges, salt, plows, or trucks?

After all guys its the X-Mas time.



LawnSite Senior Member
central Maine
I just went to reply to SnoMan and got "kicked out". Was that the deleted thread? I was wondering if he was for real or were we all the victims of a hoax?



LawnSite Senior Member
Constructive critsism can sometimes be hard,but usually is recognizeable by the fact there is some form of logical argument from the opposite side.Malice is just boring and takes such little effort from a small mind that it serves absolutely no purpose.So i am glad to see the post go because it served no purpose.Chuck's validity as a contributor to this forum comes through the information he has presented over time here,not through the rest of us trying to convince a nonparticipent through our experiences of his knowlage and value.Some how the quote at the end of my post seems appropriate,at least I recognized it as crap.

Chuck I hope you are enjoying all these little golf claps.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Hey the good news in all this, was that I wasnt the one who deleted it.I was actually enjoying the comradarie of all the regulars, sticking up for a valued member.

John Allin

LawnSite Bronze Member
Erie, PA
It would have be one very large thread had it been allowed to continue.

It's one of the few times that I wholeheartedly agreed with pulling a thread. It served no purpose, however, I strongly believe that Dino is correct in that the rally around Chuck was good to see and deservedly so.

I believe that the thread would have eventually deteriorated to name calling and considerable emotional outbursts would have been forthcoming - all towards a topic that didn't really belong here.

Too many good things go on here to allow one party to ruin it. Whoever decided that 'enough was enough' - nice job.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Somerset, NJ
Aw Dino, you had your chance to be the hero and ya held back ;) ! Personal attacks are definitely not necessary, Geoff & Digger summed it all up pretty good. Lets keep the learning & sharing going good.