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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Envy Lawn Service, Sep 27, 2003.

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    I wrote this post to that "looking forward to the end of the season" thread. I wanted to quote myself because even though its boring to read, deep in the words I'm really saying something about MYSELF and where I am in my BUSINESS and I happened to have a revelation about it by the end that made me dcide to share this with all of you.

    If you own a business, this post should be important to you. Read on and find out something interesting about you and your business.

    Now hold on as I take time to type up what this "Maslow's Hiearchy of Needs" is and how you can get an interesting insight about where you are in LIFE and BUSINESS.

    Don't forget to come back and visit this thread.
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    What is thas really? The answer in short.....HUMAN NEEDS.

    Basically there are five primary needs that every individual strives to satisfy in life/business, and they do so in the order those needs arise. The five needs in order of importance are:

    #1 - Phylogical
    #2 - Security
    #3 - Afilliation
    #4 - Esteem
    #5 - Self Actualization

    Yes I'll define each in a minute. But first let me add something else of importance so it makes more sense. There are also four basic rules that go along with this. Those four are:

    #1 - Satisfying a need is not enough. Another need will always arise.
    #2 - An individuals needs is what drive behavior and personality.
    #3 - The most basic needs must be satisfied before higher level needs are strong enough to drive behavior.
    #4 - There are more ways to satisfy higher needs than the most basic needs.

    :sleeping: Wake up now! Definitions and how this all applies to you are coming soon.
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    Physiological- Needs for food, water, air, shelter and clothing in their most basic forms.

    Security- Needs for safety and stability.

    Affiliation- Needs for love, affection and a feeling of friendship and belonging. Lawnsite can be an example of this and also a great example of how this can also be used for marketing as well.

    Esteem- Needs for personal feelings of self worth, recognition and respect from others. Again Lawnsite can be used as an example here. You come on here and post a thread with pictures of your work....I do from time to time anyways!

    Self Actualization- This is the highest ranking need and what I quoted myself saying earlier is an example of this. This is a need for self fulfillment and the realization of personal potential.

    Now if you are here, remember to be carefull. People who are driven by ambition often sacrifice EVERYTHING to achieve their quest for self actualization. Be sure to remember those lower needs and remember especially Affiliation......your loved ones.

    Now be honest with yourself. Got an idea of what you feel you have already achieved and what you are working on now? Is this giving you an interesting insight about where you are in life/business?

    More to come about how this all drives your income potential, spending habits, saving habits, safety habits, business decisions, personal/business relationships, personal/business growth.

    I thinks this gives a pretty cool insight to where you have been, where you are in the hierarchy, where you are going and what basic fundamental needs are driving your personal behavior, choices and feelings from day to day. Humbling in a way.....
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    Ok it should be apparent that my fingers are getting tired by now. I'll come back later to add the rest. Post any thoughts/comments so we can discuss them. For now here are two thoughts of mine for you to think about.

    #1 - How many people do you think you already work for because they are trying to fulfill one or many of those needs and they are simply too busy with that to take care of the lawn?

    #2 - About what I said about this time of year being a drag for me. I sort of run out of gas in this business when I don't get that Self Actualization from looking back at a freshly mowed lawn. So I make smart business decisions where I can to fulfill that need in increase my income potential at the same time. Hardscapes, landscapes, mulch, renovations....stuff like that. I make more money and keep myself happy gazing back over nice looking work. Then I snap some pics to post on lawnsite and work on that Esteem and Afilliation a little.

    Do a title search for "Minor Makeover" for an example.
    Feeds my needs and income at the same time.

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    You are getting deep into the psych book Envy.

    Remember also that if you truly love what you are doing (self actualization) the theory states that you would do it for free.

    How did you find out about all of this? I first saw it in college, years ago. But thruout my career in the fire department we have had different promotional and learning classes that talk about Maslow as well as a couple others. Maslow is by far the truest I have found.
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    I agree with both of you guys. I love what i do, and looking back at a lawn or a little landscaping job gives me all the emotional payment i need.

    I watched a movie called Office Space once, and in the movie there was a idea of," If you had all the money in the world, and you bought all the toys and houses and goodies you wanted. traveled to all the places you wanted to travel, and the thrill of the money was gone. How would you spend your idle time?"

    My answer was, " I would start a lawn care business, because i love to manicure a lawn, and the feeling of looking at the final product."

    I think if you ask yourself this question and your current occupation is the answer you've taken care of alot of those emotional needs
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    Deep man
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    i drowned in this post:dizzy:

    good point envy!
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    I originally started to study psychology in school so I find this interesting. You make a lot of good points that are obviously backed up by solid information and theory. I work at being my own psychologist in a way, although sometimes I'm not that good.

    The following quote is something I have to remember and work at continuously. Sometimes I get so driven and focused on achieving something that I forget the smaller and often most important things in life.

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    Brevity is wonderful, don't you think?

    There's some good insight in this post, though.

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