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  1. This thread, I hope stays on here and doesn't get moved.

    It has gotten boaring posting to some of the same old questions.

    After 1080 post, I do not have much to post but sarcastic comments in order to stay interested in helping others with information.

    With all the weath of info in the arcives, it is sad that we have had to be subjected to the same questions that were even asked less than a day or so.

    Give me something new to give advice, my thoughts, and recomendatins on.

    Other wise use the search. Then if you can't find any thing, private message, IM, or e mail me and I wil see if I can find it for you. Or any one else you can take too on here.

    With all the older posts on here with similer questions, why don't you add your posts to them. This way we don't have 15 threads on the same exact queston.

    Good luck

    IM screen name "Lawngodfather"
    The others are located under my post
  2. TotalLawn

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    I'm looking for a new mower...what does everyone prefer?

  3. Runner

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    I'll email you, and hopefully you'll be able to give me some advice on this "double blades" as they call it. Also, I'd like to get some info on "striping".:p
  4. Funny

    This was started to get real issues going, not the same old stuff.

    How many times can we discuss double blades, and mowers.

    EG: Will double blade work on my mower? I don't know go try it.

    How do you put double blade on my whatever?. Search! Chances are, unless it just came out, new model, we have discussed it.

    Your looking for a mower? Hummmm try the commercial lawn mower dealers in your area. If you can't find one, the yellow pages work well, that's how I found others that are around me.

    How do you change the oil on my mower? Try the manual.

    Just like some one asked "Where do I put my fliers" well if they would have typed that in the search they would have found the exact thread with the exact same title. Plus it was put in the incorrect forum. Same as the other. Now I'm not picking on any one, it was just the best example I could think of.

    That's why I started this, some is from newcummers and some is from established members. Alot are not on here every day and alot don't even look at it for weeks at a time. But it has gotten old seeing almost the same basic question aksed that have been asked only a few days/weeks earlier.

    I know there is a lot of usefull info in the arcives, lets use it. Add to it.

    Think about it this way, you type in the search and find what you looking for on one or two thread, not 100 or 200.

    P.S. I didn't say e mail me exclusively, I said any one else you talk to on here. Yes it said "take" but you knew what I ment.

    I am not trying to discourage new threads, just repetitive threads.

    If you don't belive me, skip back a few pages and just look, there are alot of the same questions aksed only days/weeks ago.
  5. 65hoss

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    Seems like we have a couple of the same threads going.

    We are here to share ideas and help each other. Anyone can ask a general question. If you here looking for info/research seems like you want to read up before jumping in with a question. I don't want to discourge questions, this site would become really dull if that happened. I'm talking thought out questions. This isn't open mike night. Its a comm'l forum to discuss comm'l issues, questions, equipment, etc.

    You wouldn't post, "A homeowner called and wants a bid. What would you charge?". Thats a general and blind question. You would want to research the request and give as much detail to us as possible to get the best results from any and all members.

    Again, let me stress, I'm not trying to keep anyone from asking a question. Even a hundred questions. Just don't sign up once you find the site, start a new thread about should I start a lawn biz, and go on. Part of gathering and getting info is searching. Even if you search and then ask the same question still, you will atleast be more educated on what your really looking for before you ask.
  6. Hoss, I should of had you write this thread for me.

    You are explaining it far better than I.

    Thank you for the explanations.
  7. Runner

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    WOW, LGF, you MUST be bored!:D
  8. awm

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    did any one else pick up the ironic aspect of this thread.
    mabe theys just to much iron in my vitamins.:)
    later yaw

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