Threatened by another Operator

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Sharp Services, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Sharp Services

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    Last month I picked up a yard in an exclusive older neighborhood. While I was cutting it yesterday I had a lawn truck stop and I was approached by the driver. The driver, a very large man, came up to me and started cursing me and threatened me. He said I stole his account and that I needed an butt (my word) kicking.

    Luckily .... I just happen to be caring my off duty weapon (my night job is that of a cop) and he understood and left. I usually don't carry, but might start now ... anyone else carry or had a similar problem. Not sure what made me carry this week .... maybe the Virginia Tech thing ......

    I checked with the owners son, who cares for the home (owner in nursing home) and he stated that the guy was fired because he would not show up and did bad work. He even said I charge $5 more per cut ($70 per cut).

    Makes you wounder about people.
  2. rodfather

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    Sounds like he is blaming you instead of his reliabilty (or lack of) and shoddy work.
  3. nobagger

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    I had a guy last year drive by real slow at one of my new accounts, said something while both me and the home owner were out front, the home owner yelled back "we got rid of you cause ya sucked" I about ****. I was trying not to laugh my arss off.
  4. lawnguyland

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    You should shoot first and ask questions later!

    That reminds me of some nice classic road rage I saw the other day- Bunch of cars waitng to turn right, the front car is too slow or not moving and so someone behind leans on horn. Then dummy in front car stops, parks and gets out and walks up to the van trapped behind him while yelling things and pointing all mad. Then I see a huge guy get out and the van doors fly open and another guy gets out. Oooooooops! Wrong van, my mistake! I hope he got his ass kicked, but I was outta there and didn't see the end.

    Also reminds me of when I was 14 years old and 95 lbs--some old guy drives up to a lawn I'm mowing and starts yapping in broken english how I stole his lawn (um, they called me, I gave a price and got the job). So, being my usual wise ass self I told Mr. Soprano to screw off and go back to his own country! Bad move! Later in the day I'm mowing another lawn down the block when a Cutlass Supreme pulls up and out jump two 18 year old built vinny boom batzes ready to kick my ass. Of course I was like- oh I didn't mean no disrespect, blah blah blah and when they realized how young and small I was they left me alone, but that was scary to me. I realized I should keep my mouth shut- that lasted about 2 hours though!

    I do think there's a certain amount of that that still goes on as I can see from your post. I wonder if that keeps anyone out of the business.

    That was 20 freakin' years ago when everyone doing lawns around here was from Italy, not South America (just a true observation, not a negative racial statement) The illegal immigrants won't be threatening anyone for fear of deportation I guess!
  5. Nope never had anything like that job related. But I've had experiences with some pretty stupid people doing stupid things.

    Let me ask you as an officer, is it worthwhile to file a police report on people like that? It's always been my policy to file a report. Kind of establish a paper "history" in case things got worse. Or maybe it empowers the police to do something if this was like the 15th report filed on this guy.
  6. Premo Services

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    I would have Pauly from the Sapranos pay him a visit and let him take care of it for me
    That episode where he took care of the landscaper was a riot.
  7. terrapro

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    damn! i knew i missed an episode

    sharp services-
    im surprised you have the option to not carry. im pretty sure here you have to carry your badge and gun at all times!

    its never happened to me but other than the fly by night companies i know the majority of the smaller LCO's and landscapers. plus i wont purposely steal work, there is enough to go around here.
  8. bohiaa

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    I have been expecting a "talking too" there is this company here in town that does shotty work and customer service is very poor. " from what customers have told me" I have been awarded 5 of his customers now....a couple are in
    an exclusive neaborhood that there is an homeowners assoation... they HAVE to have there lawn looking good or they can be fined.......
  9. mudwisr2

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    kick his ass if he does it again. Size means nothing just dont let him grab you. I recently had someone take one of my accounts by telling the property owner a lie. I am trying to let things work out in a civil way but if it doesn't.... I dont get mad, I get even:rolleyes:

    MOW PRO LAWN SERVICE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    LOL thatz funny,give me the mowing account or tony will pay you a visit, THE SOPRANOS

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