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Three point tiller and Ryan mataway


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coventry ri
I was at my local used turf dealer and I was lookin for a nice three point tiller. He had a land pride there it looked brand new and had new tines he said it was used about a year old and he had to get 2000 thousand for it. I thought that was a little high. I also saw he had a nice Ryan mataway slice seeder for sale. He said it was 2 years old and he had to get 1400. These machines were out of my price range so I was leaving the guy said I could have them both for 2500. I thdought about it I think I am going to take themhe said he would put new cutters on the Ryan. I am going to sell My beatup blue bird. Do u think it's a good deal and how much is the blue bird worth it's in the mid 90s I belive and in rough shape. It works but needs cutters?
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lawn king

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The ryan is old technology, it does a good job but it is a bear to operate and no fun to service. You will not have an easy time reselling it. Landpride is good equipment. Keep in mind 05 series are very light duty (homeowner) type machines.