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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turf Commando, Nov 15, 2007.

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    Don't spend all your money on a mower. You'll need insurance, a business licence, and all your 2-stroke tools. If it's on the side, you'd want a low overhead, maybe buy a used WB or a good 21." Also, you need to look at your yards and see what kind of mower will fit and trim and check out the hillsides. Buying a mower should be almost the last step. You need accounts before you can even think about buying mowers.
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    to suggest someone get all tehe clients and then open a business isnt so good....

    get licensed, insured, completly legal,

    look at used mowers for the porperties in you area......get your equipment together then get some accounts...
  4. BanvilleLawnCare

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    Is 4k your total budget or the amount you've set aside for the mower/ mowers?
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    No, actually that is pretty darn good adviCe, you need to know what kind of properties you have or are going to have before you know what mower will best suit your needs. Yes, you need to save some of that money for all the 2 stroke and other things. My best advice is to start very small, buy one mower, one trimmer, one edger, one blower. Then slowly buy yourself some backups as you grow. Then you can look at other and maybe bigger mowers as you ad more accounts. Good Luck!
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    My main point was that TurfCommando would have to spend more than $4000 for all his starting equipment. I'd also have to respectfully disagree :usflag: with your opinion of buying equipment first. A person would need different equipment if they had 4 2-acre accounts than if they aquired 12 1/4-acre lots in their first year. If TurfCommando was going fulltime, buying equipment first wouldn't be at all a bad idea. But I believe their post was mentioned that this was going to be a part time activity.
  7. IA_James

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    Buy the Scag used, the trailer used too if you can. Get the insurance your state or city requires. Find a used dedicated edger, or buy the cheap Echo one. You'll be able to pick all this up for under 4k, especially if you get the trailer used. And it'll be reliable enough if you find a good Scag to buy to use enough to make money. Get a sulky too.
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    Heres the way I did it. I went to my local Scag dealer and purchased all my equipment on 12 months same as cash. I had some money saved up but I figured that if i couldn't pay it all off in the first year I would go to my bank and finance it before all of that interest was due and apply my saved money on it then. To make a long story short you can use financing to your advantage. I bought all my trimmers,blowers,blades,line,trailer,mowers,everything with one purchase throught sheffield. Yes it is very high interest but you don't pay the high interest. You either take the money you made mowing all year and saved and pay it off or you go to your bank and finance it or put it on a 12 month note. If your just going to buy a walk-behind you should have no problem paying it off. A new Scag or Exmark 36 should run around $4500 give ot take a few hundred. A little more for a 48". I use these mowers because its what I have used. You have to do your homework on what mower you want. But you won't go wrong with the 12 months same as cash on a new Turf Tracer and if you decide that mowing is not for you the Exmark will sell better than your cub cadets or great danes for example.
  9. Turf Commando

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    I'm sure no matter what size yard a ZTR or walk behind is Ideal ....
    I have a push mower already, I'm interested in 2 acre lawns or smaller ..
    The Z225 would be best choice for myself cause I can buy a bagger for it for about $3,200 and add a few 2 cycle tools to go with it....

    P.S. I also need a trailer what size do you recommend. The total I can spend on Everything is 5K...Joe
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    I started out with a 6.5X10 with 4' expanded metal sides. It served me well in my first year of business. I hauled a ton of mulch, dirt, landscape rock in that thing, not mention it was great for leaf clean ups. I sold it 3 months ago because my business outgrew the trailer. From now until March, you should be able to pick up some deals on equipment. After that, the price goes up. Like others have said, check craigslist, ebay, newspaper, local lawn equipment shops for deals, there will be some.

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