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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Eric ELM, Jun 2, 2001.

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    A couple times over the past 3,400 hours on my old Chopper the throttle cable end has worn so much on the end that it broke off at the throttle lever end. I took the throttle arm and cable out and pull the wire out. I then cut about 1 inch off the cable part and lube the wire up and put it back in the cable. Take to pairs of plyers and bend a new end on it, reinstall it and your up and running again. Adjust the cable so you have the right RPM's while your at it. It saves going to the dealer for a new one and it will be just as good as new one, but just a fuzz shorter. ;)

    I have also found that a product called All Purpose Lubricant from John Deere in a blue and white spray can is a great lubricant for this and also the best penitrating oil I have ever used. I keep a can of this in the truck and one in the shop. I also have 2 more cans of it in case I run out. :)
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    The guy I sold my 50" Dixie too left it outside all winter long-uncovered-we had about 80" of snow this winter.I spring serviced it for him,needed all new cables,they were siezed solid,he broke both choke,and throttle cables trying to use it.The set cost over 40 buck from Dixie,so if you leave your equipment on open trailers,keep the cables well lubed,so you wont need to spend that money.Eric,I dont have a JD dealer close,so Ive never tried their penetrating oil.The best Ive ever used is PB blast,can be found at Napa,or even wally world for about 3.75 a can,This stuff will break almost anything loose,if left to sit overnight.Deep creep from SEA Foam is also a great penetrating oil too,its at Napa stores,it needs more time than PB to work,but if left for awhile it will also break almost anything loose without snapping it off.
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    Good tip Eric, and John you are wright p b blaster is the best. The only thing that i have found that it would not free up were steel bolts in aluiminum. When they get that white corroded stuff on them it is hard free them.
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    PB blaster is good. A torch is better. Been trying to remove a stubborn threaded plug on a water pump housing on a Dodge 440. It's soaked for days in PB blaster, been heated with a torch, and hammer and chiseled. Still won't budge. Only way it's coming off is to drill it out and retap.

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