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Thrown around idea of new mower......ride is important

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grass disaster, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. grass disaster

    grass disaster LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,751

    ok so i have 2 everride 54" warriors. i'm solo and 2 mowers is probably over kill but i got a good deal on them so i have 2.

    i leave one as my back-up/leaf machine. so it works out prett good having 2 machines.

    they are about 3 years old and now the dealer no longer carries everride and only services them.

    i wouldnt mind trading in 1 for a fresh new mower but with no dealer around that's kinda hard.

    i'm considering selling the one with more hours on and thats in a little rougher shape and switching brands. and keeping the everride with bagger(baggers are expensive)

    ride is important to me. and i like the 54" decks.... ive got a couple bigger lawns where i could use a 60" but i use it on smaller residential years too so 54" seems to be a good fit for me.

    i'm kinda limeted to dealers around me that have 54" decks.

    hustler and deere are 2 dealers near me. i could probably find a everride dealer to sell me a mower but that seems like a lot of driving around to me.

    what do you guys think of my situation? just thrown out ideas at this time.

    whats a better ride a deere or hustler
  2. mowerbrad

    mowerbrad LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 6,268

    Hustler does offer the flex forks and a michigan suspension seat, which will provide for a pretty good ride, but I have heard mixed reviews about the flex forks.

    The Deere is able to get a suspension seat kit and if your dealer is really good I bet they would install the actual Michigan suspension seat that is available on the x700 tractors.

    Personally, I think the Deere has the better deck but that's based on personal preference.
  3. Landscape Poet

    Landscape Poet LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,638

    My opinion, if ride is one of your primary concerns, Ferris. Of the two options you have given, Hustler. Nothing against John Deere but I have yet to see how they are worth the extra money vs a Hustler. I own a Hustler and it has served me well, never owned a Deere because I never thought it was a value at the prices they demand.
  4. grassman177

    grassman177 LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 9,795

    hey, the everrides treat you well? remember we had 4, still own two. if you really like the everride, you can stil get one and your dealer can service them, also you can overnight parts from the factory if you have too as parts are still available.

    another thought if you really like the mower enough, you can still get them under the brand of new holland tractors. same mower, blue paint. just in case you have a farm dealer near by.

    otherwise, in my opinion, the only thing good about JD is the deck, it is pretty super. the reast of the machine is not my thing and our kubota is way more comfy than they are.

    i would go hustler, and get the flex forks and suspension seat. andhey, they are made right here in my state. heck ariens, exmark, encore and a few others are only 2 hrs away.
  5. RTR Landscaping

    RTR Landscaping LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 390

    Do you have a Scag dealer? The Scag Cheetah has a suspension system that won't ever compromise the cut. The entire seat and foot pan is isolated and can be adjusted for comfort.I don't know about the the other brands, but I know Scags are great mowers. They don't make a 54" deck. The Velocity deck comes in 48,52 and 61". This Cheetah also has 2 speed ranges with a transport speed of 16 MPH. Good luck with your search.
  6. Turf Dawg

    Turf Dawg LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,719

    A couple of years ago I had some properties that had large open areas that were more fields than lawns and wanted something with a nice ride. After demoing several brands on these areas like Deere, Scag, Kubota and Hustler [already owned Grasshoppers] the Hustler with Suspension seat and Flex Forks was the clear winner for ride and comfort. I bought a 31hp 66" Super Z with the Flex Forks and even with this heavy model I got around 500hrs out of the Flex Forks before I noticed they were getting fatigued and drooping. If I keep this mower for next year I will be buying a new set of Flex Forks because they make a big difference going around 10 mph.

    If you want something with a nice ride and handling, please demo a Hustler with seat and Flex Forks.
  7. grass disaster

    grass disaster LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,751

    i demoed a 60" exmark a few years ago. they didnt have the fancy seat and the forks tho.

    i had a zd18 at the time. 2 things i dint care for the hustler were that the front forks stuck out kinda far from the deck...u notice this?

    and that the deck seemed like it would get dirty often. there was some build up from when i tested it.....cant be any worse than my current everride, seems i'm always cleaning my deck on the warrior.

    no loc's use 60" decks around here.. most have a 48" i think. one may have a 52 toro. they do lots of accociations tho. ive been getting into some more larger farm residentials tho. i do have a 48" tthp exmark. but i find its slower on my residentials than my rider so i like to ride it seems.

    i see ferris only has 52 and 61 so thats concerning for me.
  8. Robert Pruitt

    Robert Pruitt LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 552

    i can not speak on the Hustler as i have never owned one. and the Deere has a excellent ride. i had always thought the Deere would be out of my price range. paid less than i thought. out the door it was $6818. great machine.
  9. Turf Dawg

    Turf Dawg LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,719

    The Hustler is a long mower and I think that helps with the ride. My grasses are different than yours but for weeds the Hustler had a medium buid up. The Scag Velocity and the JD 7 Iorn had less buid up and the ones that really chop up the clippings like Grasshopper and Exmark pack up in a hurry. I know Hustler has new decks this year, I think they kind of redone the XR7 and made a larger opening to help with the buid up. If you want the best ride I do not think you can beat a Hustler with Flex Forks, but others may cut better for you. Have you thought about trying a stand on unit?
  10. grass disaster

    grass disaster LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,751

    is hustler getting rid of the zuper z and going with the super z 2011?

    cuz the 2011 doesnt look like it comes in a 54"?

    and no to the stand up. i want a mower that can travel at the 11mph or better. my warrior does 13 or 14 and i do crank it up prettty often WFO ya know.

    so the reg z is out cuz that only goes 9mph

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