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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by XStream Aquatics, Sep 1, 2008.

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    Stream/ falls going thru a retaing wall.

    351 [Desktop Resolution].JPG

    scan0001 [Desktop Resolution].jpg
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    Your work is fantastic. I really admire your skills. I have a couple questions if you have time....

    1)Do you just pile and stack the rocks? How do you make it so nothing settles and the rocks don't eventually shift and fall?

    2) Do you put the liner down first, then put the rocks and shelves in? How do you build the shelves (In regards to stone & liner placement.)

    Thanks so much....looking to build one of my own by observing your work.
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    here's an example of what I might do for a 12' x 16' pond. I make different shape shelves, I never follow the outside contour of the pond. I always try and make the fish cave and floating plant area. Or for the floaters I make a ring with 1/4" vinyl hose and a double barb fitting, then tie it down with fishing line to a small rock in the bottom of the pond. The plants will grow to the size ring and once they start growing out they stay hooked together by the roots. I do dig and shape everything first. The only time I dig after liner and rocks are in is to fit a boulder into the pond wall or stream bank to help break up the so called pearl necklace effect. Every pond as a different shape, this is just an example.

    shelf [Desktop Resolution].jpg
  4. XStream Aquatics

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    I stack my rocks tight enough from top to bottom so I NEVER use mortar and am able to walk on. Alot of customers have small children and i don't want them getting hurt. Take your time on stacking. You will be amazed how some of the rocks fit like a jig saw puzzle. This is were the professionalism comes in to play. Don't leave big gaps between the boulders and try to go back and fill them in with a bunch of small junk rock, it just looks awful!

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