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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by FastMan, Jun 21, 2010.

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    I'm considering purchasing a Hustler Trimstar, and in the process of doing my research I found this forum. Wow, PJ, your extensive participation here speaks well for the level of customer service, and attention to the customer, one might expect from the Hustler company. It also says something about the sharpness that must be present in your marketing dept. I'm impressed on both counts.

    I'm demoing a 48 inch Trimstar this coming week. I need something primarily for coping with the mega hills I have to deal with here in the Colorado Mtns. I have a ZTR for the larger areas, and the flats. Will the 48 and 54 handle the hills with similar prowess, or are there characteristics in one of them that would make it better suited? The 48 is really all the width I need, but I'd consider the 54 if it was even slightly better on the hills for some reason.

    Contrats again, PJ, on the great job you're doing here.
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    Thank you for the comments, I appreciate them, this is what I do and enjoy, its part of the Hustler employees mentality, to do everything we can to make teh customer happy.
    Now... the 48 or the 54 TrimStars both have a very wide wheelbase with large tires, they will both tackle slopes with ease, the 54" may do it a touch better due to its wider deck and its increased weight.
    You will also get more trim capacity with the left side of the deck on the 54".
    Let us know how you like it after you demo it.


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