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  1. Kawizx62003

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    Made great ROI on it this year. In May it was blowing us with several leads a day. Pretty quiet now in mid season. Set a MAX amount you will spend and bid. If it works do more, if not forget it. Think about all other marketing. Do you spend money and not get jobs? Same thing. I questioned it at first but then got a few jobs and a few weekly customers. It seems to cater to younger professionals who don't have time for lawn care.
  2. Kawizx62003

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    Also if they don't view your quote in 48 hours, it refunds you. Had that happen several times.
  3. jeeperscrow

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    I don't remember ever having to submit my license for Thumbtack.
  4. jeeperscrow

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    Thumbtack is a waste of time and money (at least for me) at the moment.
  5. Thumbtack

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    Thumbtack doesn't require our professionals to upload licenses, but we have found that professionals who choose to display their credentials are more likely to be hired by customers.

  6. Glenn Lawn Care

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    It took a while for me to get hired. I've submitted over a 100 bids since signing up in march. Since my first hire it was a snow ball effect after that, even better after people started writing reviews about my company.
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  7. Efficiency

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    crappy service that wont take user's advice and segment their categories sufficiently. As it stands now, everything from them is marked spam
  8. jeeperscrow

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    It's also impossible to have any sort of clue what you're actually bidding on. The size of property the offer a potential customer only goes from like 1,000 square feet (small) to like 5,000 square feet (large). So someone with a two acre property would have to click 5,000 square feet. Needs to be a way to see the property ... or some way to help us out with the bids.
  9. whiffyspark

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    Yep that's my biggest gripe. Yet people submit blind prices
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    Thats mine too. I never placed a bid with a price because there was no way to tell what I was actually bidding on. I was somewhat active on thumbtack, but have since requested to opt out of emails.

    It also p!ssed me off knowing any illegal operation can make an account, bid against me, and win. So when a customer wants a quote thats sent to me at 10am, by 11am they have 5 quotes where I guarantee you not all 5 companies are legal.

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