Tick control - asking the right questions? Looking in York, PA

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Dave88LX, May 7, 2014.

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    Just bought a new property SE of York, PA close to Red Lion (for those that know the area).

    I am on one acre, have a fairly decent sized water retention area that's dry (Detention pond?) And a decent bit of overgrowth until they do the lawn. Property backs to a small creek. Other lots are overgrown until they build.

    Everyone has been finding ticks on themselves already, to include my 2-month old son. I don't want to screw around with this, I want to get it handled.

    I'm not asking what it will cost, I know every region is different and every company has their own expenses to cover. First, I just want to make sure I am asking the right questions, or what things I should be looking at to make sure I hire someone who actually knows what they are doing.

    Second, do we have anyone reputable on here servicing the York, PA area? I don't like throwing darts at the phone book.


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    Touchy subject I don't service that area but my home is in pine barrens Long Island Lyme is rampant here. Areas were children play should be treated early May and October , make sure to clear all brush piles and rubble piles as rodents spread nymph ticks more than deer. We also use ginney hens . It's really a multi faseted approach that works. Takes a little time but you can control and repel over time. Do a tick drag every so often to keep track of numbers. Good luck with that I know what that's like
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    Be careful of those tiny ticks. I have found quite a few them already. I pulled a few off the pups and they are the size of a ball in a ball point pen, almost a miracle I have found them. I know they do tick spraying here and we had it done one year, not really sure if it helped or not. Check you baby daily especially in all the folds and creases, behind the ears and between toes etc.. As said above, just keep your yard cleaned up and if you have older children maybe think about a dedicated space cleared and filled with playground material. Rubbermaid makes a rubber fill that would be perfect for a swing set or jungle gym bedding.


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