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    I'm writing a piece on ticks for a green industry publication and wonder if someone on here might have some comments they'd like to share. I want to touch on both tick protection for green industry workers and tick management as a service to clientele.

    Please message me if you'd have input on either of these questions:

    1) During your work, have you ever had issues with ticks (lyme disease, etc.)?

    2) Is tick management through vegetation control or the application of pesticides a service that you offer your clients?


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    Hi Phil,
    This thread should interest you:

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    The main thing that I've found over the years regarding "deer" ticks is to avoid contact with your surroundings the best that you can. Don't be walking through brush rubbing against it. Get rid of piles of debris, piles of leaves and trim back brush and low hanging limbs that you might rub against when doing yard work. The less that you come into contact with the less that other things such as ticks will come into contact with you.

    Check yourself well for ticks as soon as you get home. If you get them out quick enough lymes shouldn't take place. Make sure the head comes out when you pull the tick, if it doesn't cut it out. Bright red ring around the tick location is an indicator that the tick carried lymes. The medicine that they give you for lymes treatment is terrible. It will make some people extremely sick or extremely vulnerable to the sun's rays which is not a good thing for landscapers.
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    We put rose geranium oil on our neck, wrists, and ankles. Haven't found a tick on me or my fiancee in the past couple seasons since using it, and it has been a bad couple years for ticks around here. You'll smell a bit like grandma, but it's cheap and it works. You can buy it on Amazon.
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    If you find one on you take a the head of a nail. heat it up with a lighter, and touch the tick with it briefly, it will release. dont hold it on them too long to kill them and dont kill them with the pointy side either.

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