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  1. xtremelawnpro

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    I had a customer come up to me today and told me that DOT and local law enforcement are pulling over trailers with mowers on them and writing tickets cause there mower isn't strapped down, have anybody heard of that. I live in Southwest Florida Lee county area
  2. sweetz

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    I do, but I haven't heard anything.
  3. Ric

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    I post this warning issued by Manatee County Extension service almost a Month Ago.


    While it is about Pesticide trucks It doesn't surprise what they are now stopping lawn Trailer.

    MSDS are not required by the BEPC (Ag Inspector) but they are mandatory by the DOT even if you are an illegal applicator. In other words a Illegal guy with a Jug of Roundup and a ""MSDS"" gets stopped by the DOT is not getting a ticket for the chemicals. But a legal applicator with out MSDS sheets for each and every Chemical on Board, will get a Ticket and big Fine.

    Look to get stopped and fined more often and consider it a cost of doing business.

    FYI Untarped debris, Bald Tires, and unsecured loads are all big fines. Not only are bald tires a big fine but you vehicle will be Blocked and can not be driven. It must be towed off road and can not be driven until the DOT inspect new tires.

    Of course this only one of the things Governor Rick Scott is doing to help small Business here in Florida. He just failed to make it clear he was helping small business go out of Business.
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    Mandatory court appearance for load shifting. I believe if you have four foot sides you don't need to tie down the equipment.
  5. DLCS

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    They are doing the same thing here in Illinois. They have one particular area in one of the tows near where I work that the DOT cop sets up and waits. Last yeart the DOT was stopping every lawn trailer that passed through. County deputies were sittign outside a local scrapyard stopping every truck going in that looked to be unsafe.
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    Tampa FYI- DOT officer Friendly has been posting on the southbound Veterans expressway at the Andersen road toll plaza. Every day this week I've passed him with a contractor truck pulled over.TPD setting up contractor stings too. A few unhappy looking HVAC hacks on the news last night.
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    I cant stand people with loads of debris overflowing the sides, losing stuff all over the road. Its fine if you load stuff to the top of the cab and use a strap, and its not all over the place.

    I try and tarp all my loads for the peace of mind that DOT is off my back. Plus the fact that I can drive with the flow of traffic knowing half my load of sod will still be intact.
  8. promolawns

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    yep, guys i have seen them out pulling trucks over. Secure your stuff dont get that fine!!!!
  9. Darryl G

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    DOT has been cracking down on landscapers and construction contractors around here for the last couple years. I can't say that I strap down between every account but I do when I'm hauling on US Route 1 which is where they have been snagging people.
  10. PROCUT1

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    Been like that for years in NY. You just now plan that the truck is going to get stopped for inspection once a week.

    Everything has to be tied down, all lights working, brakes working, breakaway working, gas cans secured, GVW in line, fire ext, triangles, fuses, reg and inspection for truck and trailer, you name it.

    You cant get away with anything in NY like I see in other parts of the country.

    I must get laughed at in TN with all the straps on my trucks and trailers. Here they wouldnt know a strap, chain, or tarp if it hit their windshield.

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