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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Detroitdan, Apr 7, 2008.

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    I know this has probably been discussed plenty of times before, but it bugs me so I thought I'd drag it out again. Why do so many otherwise intelligent and responsible people refuse to secure outrageously expensive equipment? I can't even bring myself to drive from one local job to the next without strapping my old WB down, yet I see guys everywhere I look hauling multiple machines with no strap at all. I guess I could understand it if it were employees who don't care about your equipment and you haven't pounded it into their heads, but a lot of the time it's owner operators. Is it just laziness? Or stupidity? Or perhaps they are just ignorant of what the liability is when they have an accident and lose the machine, not to mention the damage the machine receives.
    Talked to a dealer service guy the other day, he said it is extremely hard on the machines to be bouncing like that, not to mention if it moves and hits something else on the trailer. Maybe a ride on the trailer would convince some people they are putting their mowers through too much unnecessary abuse.
    DOT cops are supposedly cracking down on stuff like that, lot of guys using a 1 ton like a medium duty, and not securing what they haul the way pros do.
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    we use a prolocker for the mower it keeps it in place on the trailer without straps. as for the trimmer and blower they get bungeed down and the 21''er gets ratchet strapped to the trailer. i think its stupid not to tie your investments down its just a accedent waiting to happen
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    I use Fastraps..

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