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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JRSlawn, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. JRSlawn

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    I just got approached by on of my customers asking me to give them a price on installing a tie wall along the side of there propety. I have all the tools needed to make this wall sawall chainsaw drills of all sorts. Everything needed to install the wall. I have never done one before. I have done a couple versa lok walls but never a tie wall. Am I out of my league? How far apart for dead men? Anything else I should be aware of. I also have a bobcat.

    Please help!

    Jeff Smith
  2. steve in Pa.

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    Run Jeff Run run run. We have installed tie walls in the past but only install segmental retaining walls now. I would try to talk the cutomer into a SR wall versus the tie. Explain to them how the tie wall will eventually rot and need replaced down the road which means additional cost for the same wall. Install a SRW little more money up front but much less then replacing the wall a few times which will definitly occur. :waving:
  3. JRSlawn

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    The customer is a builder. The home is in the getto. I think all he wants is to make it look good for now. I told him about versa lok and he sounded like he wanted to keep the cost to a minimum. I need so help on the install instructions.

  4. JRSlawn

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    even though price is an isue here. It still has to be quality work. Thats why I am asking for help. I figure I might as well try it out right :)
  5. steve in Pa.

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    If you have done versa lock walls you will have no problem with a tie wall, much easier. We usually ran the dead man back every 8' everyother row alternating locations.
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  7. mbella

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    Jeff, how many ties are you talking about? I've done a handful of small retaining walls for a builder. Originally, the builder wanted ties because he wanted to save money. I priced the first wall using ties and priced it using Versa-Lok. There was little difference because the walls were small. It was a no brainer, even for the builder. Present him with two prices.
  8. JRSlawn

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    what about pricing? how much and how do I price it out?
  9. D Felix

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    There's been a few threads on here in the last few months, try a search, use terms like deadman (probably what Kris searched for), timber walls, etc, etc.

    I know there's probably been at least 3 in the last year or so, possibly a few more.

    Good luck.


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